How To Win Free Nites At Vision Expo East 2018


If you are an eyecare professional who wants to go to Vision Expo East 2018 in New York, take 5 minutes for a chance to win Three (3) FREE NITES in New York City.

It’s Easy To Win!!!  All you have to do is make a comment below on either subject:

  • What course or topic you want to take or learn and why.
  • What companies or brands do you want to meet at Vision Expo?

Comments need be made by January 25. The winner will be picked on February 1, 2018

Vision Expo East is March 15-18,  2018, right over St. Patricks Day weekend. Vision Expo East and West are the largest, most all-inclusive ophthalmic conference in the world as well as the best value of all CE. Sign up here 

Not all comments will win. Winners will be selected by International Vision Expo. Comments received after Jan. 25. 2018  will not be eligible for this promotion. Show management to choose and book accommodations at an official show hotel.

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  1. As a first time practice owner, I am looking at great opportunities to specialize and bring a niche to my new community like scleral lenses and boutique frame vendors. Vision expo east comes at a prime time for us a month before our grand opening!

  2. Omg!!! Marchon, Clearvision, silhouette, Marcolin, to many name!! Never been to New York, it would be a dream come true. Just imagine going somewhere you wish and doing something you love!!! Opticians Rock!!!

  3. For me I’d like to see how social media can influence and impact a practice. As a young optometrists finishing my training in the UK, it is a part of the profession which is not taught but can have a powerful effect in the modern world. I would like to see some boutique frames, frames that bring something quirky and different to the table

  4. I would like to learn more about the contact lenses that reshapes the eye during the sleeping hours of an individual so that during the day an they wouldn’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses for a number of hours.

  5. I would really like to attend a class about contact lens fitting. I was told there are job position in contact lens fitting. That’s an area I’m interested in getting into in the future. Because in my current job position where more ordering and dispensing of spectacles. So I really want to brand out my learning and gain knowledge in contact lens fitting since I’m working towards in getting my NCLE certificate.

  6. I’m excited for an opportunity to meet with vendors who carry high quality sunlenses and frames. One of the booths I’m looking forward to stopping by is Fukui Optical Association. They could help us match up with titanium frame maker!

  7. I want to meet with the contact lens companies, especially Cooper Vision, one of my favorite contact lens companies! There is so much R&D going on with contacts, especially the dailies, and I find updates at these meetings very helpful.

  8. ?✈️ This will be my 1st Vision Expo East and I am very exited!! I was born in an opticians and optometrist family. Visual Performance Evaluation for Sports is the course that I am interested to take and learn because has an ex-athlete it will be important to share that knowledge to other athletes.? ? ??‍♀️ ??

  9. I would like to learn more about uveitis cause I was dignosed with reiter sindrome, I am an optometrist from Costa Rica, right now not much people know that this problem can cause uveitis for those that have it, so I would like to get all the knowlege possible about this, besides I would like to meet a lot of brands cuase I have my own small eye care center over here in Costa Rica, and I would like to expand and to do that I need good brands on my side to compete in this difficult market, the brands I would like to meet the most are, tag heuer, montblanc, rayban, carrera, lacoste, diesel, michael kors, tous, and a lot more! So I can bring new stuff to my country every 3 o 6 months! I really really would like to go guys please it would be like a dream come true to me and my family cause we all are optometrist, and by going I know I can help them a lot in a near future!

  10. I would love to open new accounts with boutique frame companies. I want to bring home with me fun, fashion forward, frame lines to my office. Europa eyewear having one on the first USA made frames lines called State would be awesome to see and open an account. I plan on taking as much continue education classes to keep my ABO status up-to-date if given the opportunity. What a dream come true if chosen, I’m excited just thinking the possibility of winning. Is it cold in New York in March ?

  11. I would like to attend a scleral lens workshop because i´m passionate about this subject.
    I would like to visit A&A optical because they allways give me the best attention, and i would like to visit luxottica and marchon because thay allways mark trends.

  12. I have wanted to go to Vision Expo for years. What could be better than learning, talking and seeing all the things that make me love my job all in one place. I would love to see and talk to different frame reps from brands like Michael Kors, Tiffany’s, Ray Ban and so much more. I like learning the medical stuff but my passion is in the fashion side of optometry. I am currently a technician for an optometrist but I am a former optician and hope to be a frame rep one day.

  13. I am a certified paraoptometric and have been in this field for 13 years. I last attended Vision Expo West in 2012 and I felt it was very informative and loved the experience! My 7 year old son is in 4 years remission from retinoblastoma so I would enjoy learning more about that! I would like to see what new instruments are out that can be beneficial in our clinic.

  14. This would be my first Vision Expo. I am an Ophthalmic Technician in the Air Force reserve and I’ve decided to pursue my OD to become an Optometrist. I would love to learn more about private practice ownership and the obstacles that commonly prevent many ODs from pursuing their own practice.

  15. This would be my first time attending VEE! I would love to learn more about ocular surface disorders like dry eyes, MGD etc. and how to build a profitable practice with medical billing to treat these disorders. I would love to meet with TearScience and talk to them about how they are supporting independent private practicioners. Another subject that would be interesting is to learn how to capture the millennial demographic in a small private optical. It would be interesting to meet these “millennial companies” (Warby, Hubble, etc.) and see if there is a role for small businesses in their business philosophy.

  16. Im very excited to be attending my very first Vision Expo this year in NY ! I am most interested in learning about Contact lenses because I feel like CL is the future, and most patients in this generation want to wear contact lenses. It is also a great way to make more money in your practice. More specifically i’m interested in attending the specialty CL workshop hosted by Melissa Barnett,Stephanie Woo, Clarke Newman, Ryan McKinnis because even though most people want to wear CL, not everyone is able to wear the standard CL that optometrists are so comfortable fitting. I would love to learn more about the different types of lenses we have available for patients who need something outside the standard CL, and who is the best canadites for the specialty lenses.

  17. Have always wanted to go to Vision Expo East, Love New York. I would love to see anything from Anne et Valentine, Oliver Goldsmith, Oliver People’s, and so much more. Excited to see what’s new and up and coming in eyewear fashion.

  18. I’ve been in attendance since it was called Optifair, love it all. Looking forward to seeing Marchon- Safilo- Luxottica (miss the beautiful calanders)- Viva and all the others.

  19. I would love to see & meet some new faces & new companies this year! I see a lot of new faces on the web & would love to meet with them this year!

  20. I want to take courses in specialty contact lenses and managing ocular emergencies. I am excited to see check out new contact lenses from Alcon and Vistakon. I am also interested in speaking to Xiidra on their new dry eye drop.

  21. I would love to see some wild frame designs and learn methods on how to sell them to a demographic that says they want color and fun but always buys the same rectangular tortoise shell frames.

  22. This would be my first time at Vision Expo and I am looking forward to taking various educational lectures and checking out the different exhibits! I would like to learn more about co-managing cataract patients and managing post-op conditions. I am also interested in taking the course ‘When ODs Become ER Doctors’ and the Specialty Lens Workshop. Aside from all the learning, I would like to meet with the reps from different brands and contact lens companies, and check out some new styles and developments!

  23. I would love to attend a class on how to bring vision therapy to a practice and new technologies that are being utilized in vision therapy. Also, specific activities that are done for patients undergoing sports therapy.

  24. I want to learn more about scleral contact lenses. I am excited to do the scleral lens track and the workshop. I am also looking forward to meeting with Zeiss, TearScience and SynergEyes. Thank you for this awesome opportunity!

  25. I would like to take the course ” Owners and Managers’s Essentials Program. I would like to learn more about digital marketing and how we can impact and connect on a local level and globally as an Independent ECP. I would also like to see a Private label optical frames, handcrafted, original and crafted in the USA/Canada/France/Germany/Italy, etc.

  26. I would love to attend to find new unique opportunity’s to make our store’s successful and filing niche’s for our clients. I have been once before about 4 years it was a great experience as well as expensive, currently still paying for the last visit. We went looking for new frame lines and left with a new lab thanks to Santinelli..

  27. I would want to attend all courses related to eye disease, specifically Optician and Technician Role in Cataract Surgery and Screening or Diabetic Eye Disease Every Optician Should Know. I feel that being an Optician in a primary ophthalmology practice, I would benefit the most from the information. Also seeing all the new trends to make sure our frame board is up to date on the styles 🙂

  28. Having been in the optical business as an optician for ten plus years, I have never had the opportunity to attend a vision expo event, despite the incredible class assortment and nationwide renowned speakers. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to expand my optical knowledge in areas involving medical disease, as fitting patients with medical conditions is such a challenging task. One of the classes I would really like to take is the “Screening for diabetic eye disease every optician should know”. I work in a busy Ophthalmology practice, fitting diabetic patients (and other patients with medically inclined vision challenges) successfully is something I strive for, as I sincerely believe every patient deserves high definition vision and the right to “see” the things that make them happy.

  29. I want to learn more about ocular surface disease and specialty contact lenses because I am passionate about these areas of practice. Not to mention, I look forward to checking out the awesome exhibits including Silhouette, Marchon, and Shire! Very excited to go to my second VEE in NYC!

  30. Our practice opened 6 months ago. A major focus we have in our new clinic is preventative care so one of our focus at Vision Expo East will be learning about the different available Neutraceuticals available and how these can best be recommended to our patients. On the optical front, we are searching for unique frame lines to separate our clinic from our competitors. We plan on visiting many companies in the International and New Design Gallery.

  31. Our office is always looking for the latest in Frame fashion. We would love to bring in new, exciting, and up-in-coming frame lines.


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