How To Win 3 Free Nights At Vision Expo East 2017


If you are an eyecare professional who wants to go to Vision Expo East 2017 in New York take 5 minutes for a chance to win Three (3) FREE NITES in New York City.


It’s Easy To Win!!!  All you have to do is make a comment below on either subject:

  • What course or topic you want to take or learn and why.
  • What companies or brands do you want to meet at Vision Expo?

Comments need be made by January 25. The winner will be picked on January 29, 2015

Vision Expo East 2017 is March 30 to April 2nd. Vision Expo East and West are the largest, most all-inclusive ophthalmic conference in the world as well as the best value of all CE. Sign up here 

Not all comments will win. Winners will be selected by International Vision Expo. Comments received after Jan. 25.2017  will not be eligible for this promotion. Show management to choose and book accommodations at an official show hotel.

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  1. 1. Classes on how to increase your optical shop’s online presence, low-cost ways to integrate social media into your practice. Customers, even before stepping inside your store, have already googled your office so I would be interested in making a memorable first impression.

    2. Frame companies making unique, environmentally friendly frame lines. I also want to meet scleral contact lens companies.

  2. 1Q) What course or topic you want to take or learn and why.
    1A) As someone that wants to start their own practice, I am interested in inventory management, advertising, EMR, and staff management.

    2Q) What companies or brands do you want to meet at Vision Expo?
    2A) Luxottica, Officemate, CystalPM, and any “onestop” lens and contact lens suppliers such as ABB optical.

  3. I would like to get more information on blue light, take a few management classes and visit as many frame vendors that I can.

  4. I like to take courses on new information in the field to stay updated and learn more about topics that are important to know and to review.

  5. I would like to learn more information on blue-light prevention lenses and how to market them to patients. Also, I would like to find more plain frames for my patients from the rural Lebanon/Lancaster areas. The old, discontinued “Steel Eyez” from Charmant were perfect for my clientele.

  6. 2. Want to check in on the new icare tonometer, as well as try to decide which OCT I should look at bringing in to our practice, Optovue, Zeiss?

  7. I would like to be updated on state of the art treatments for Keratoconus, such as corneal cross-linking as well as exact fitting techniques for scleral lenses, hybrid or piggy back lenses.

  8. As a private practice owner, I would like to learn more about successful entrepreneurial strategies in and beyond the medical field in order to expand my scope in both the optical and business field.

  9. I would love to take courses on the NCLE track as well as ones that pertain to merchandising to help grow our business in multiple markets.

    I want to see vendors that work well in smaller markets (Marchon, Luxottica, etc) and also a few higher end lines (Zero G, Kio Yamato, etc). Plus it’s always cool to see what new ideas and concepts come together.

  10. I always like to take courses about the new lens designs. The technology changes so quickly I enjoy finding out what’s new and what’s coming next.
    My favorite vendors to meet with are Europa and Charmant. Both companies have new releases every year at Expo.

  11. I would like to know how an independent optometrist can still be profitable when the frame manufacturers, insurance carriers and labs are all owned by one huge enterprise and are directing consumers toward their industry-owned optometry practices/retail?

    I’d also like some scientific evidence for using blue light A/R as consumer reports is stating that it is unnecessary and a waste of $ for a consumer to purchase.

  12. I would like to take the Google Patients on the go- Mobile Opportunity and the Global Contact Lens Forum !
    I always enjoy meeting the staff at La Eyeworks and Eyebobs but i look forward to seeing new collections from France and Italy most especially!

  13. Always look forward to seeing fun, funky new independent frame lines. Classes on visual merchandising are very helpful as well. Also, classes on managing optical teams & handling multiple locations..

  14. I would like to see a lecture on common drugs and how they interact with our vision. Also we have been talking a lot about blue light and our electronic devices but no one talks about how it will enhance your night vision by reducing glare.

  15. I would like to learn how to create an e-commerce site which includes being able to connect to major frame suppliers frame catalogues for customers to be able to virtually try on different frame models and be able to purchase a complete pair of glasses from my own offices website to become proactive and begin to compete in this area of retail economics.

  16. 1. What course or topic you want to take or learn and why.
    I am interested in inventory management, advertising, EMR, and staff management. Also I am interested in Deseased courses.

    2. What companies or brands do you want to meet at Vision Expo?
    Luxottica, Officemate, CystalPM, and any “onestop” lens and contact lens suppliers such as Hoya, Alcon and Vistakon.

  17. 1. I would like to learn how an independent practice can compete against the frame/insurance/lab conglomerate who is directing conumers to their retail shops and denying us equal competition in their marketing materials.

    2. I’d like scientific coverage of blue light prevention to counter the Consumer Reports article that says this type of anti-reflective coating is unnecessary.

  18. Would love to meet with some high end frame vendors. Would definitely chat with many equipment companies also.

    I would go to any courses covering practice management. Also, would get in some ocular disease update courses.

  19. Saturday’s course on surviving an audit has my full attention. The offerings on social media and marketing are also excellent this year.

    At the expo, I always get inspiration for optical displays from the great setups. It’s so fun exploring the Underground, and a visit to my practice’s EMR booth is a must to get a demo on all the new features.

  20. I would like to take a retinal pathology refresher course (on less common things seen in practice). Medical billing and coding updates are always necessary as well.

    I would like to meet up with Zeiss to learn about the iprofiler, and VisionWeb to learn more about Uprise EHR.

  21. I would like to see a course that would take you through the process of making various type of lenses. What goes into making the different progressives and multi-focals? How the materials are surfaced for the Rx?

  22. I would like to see a course on the newest lens and AR technology and how the manufacturing process may be evolving.

  23. I have been in the industry since 1986 and have visited Vision Expo West over the years. I have a passion for optics and fashion and have only dreamed of attending Vision Expo East!! I would visit as many booths as possible in 3 days!

  24. 1. I would like to see patient cases studies of OCT optic nerve and macula. I see a fair amount of medical cases and this would help me to brush up on some of the atypical presentations of diabetes, CSR, optic nerve drusen/ papilledema.

  25. What course or topic you want to take or learn and why.

    I would like to learn how the Luxottica and Essilor merger will affect our current practice. I would like insight into how these changes/momoplay may need to be addressed or how to avoid any pitfalls.
    With the growing trend of online optical options, I would like to learn how to tackle and empower our employee and options for our practice to continue to grow.

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