How To Start A Business Repairing Eyeglass Frames


We seem to keep getting emails from people wanting to start an eyeglass business. (About 1 a week) I am sure many of these people will be successful, but we really don’t know who to recommend where to get supplies for manufacturing in China, Italy, Taiwan…

But we did run across this article on Building a business Repairing Eyeglass Frames.

Eyeglass frame repair is a practical need that eyeglass wearers everywhere experience at one time or another. If you’re experienced in eyeglass repair, you may be able to turn that skill into a business. However, you may also find that the market in your area is saturated or that you’ll need to add other services to make the venture profitable. To get started in the eyeglass repair business, you will need to learn more about your business and your customers.

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