How To Schedule Facebook Updates


Did you know you can schedule your posts in Facebook? This tool is a major time and headache saver.  For instance, when we did our post on Eyecare Marketing Calendar for 2015, there are many fun and health posts that you could post in advance and not have to worry about your Facebook. You see the perfect article that is appropriate for an event, not to worry about bookmarking or forgetting it, you can schedule it now or even put it in drafts for later. Posting in advance can save you the DREADED.. WHAT DO I SAY NOOOOOOOW… Even if something comes up, you can always reschedule or edit your posts.

Here are the steps to Scheduling your Facebook Posts:

Step One: Make your update or link. Don’t forget the Hashtags. We don’t usually do this many hashtags, but we did just for this post!

facebook sched 1Step Two: Double check your photo or video uploads. Make sure you do this first before you schedule.

facebook sched 2 Step Three: Click the post for the drop down menu. Click on the option, schedule, save draft.

Facebook schedule 3

Step Four;  Clicking on the drop down menu to schedule a post will show the current time and date.                                                        

Facebook 4

 Step Five: Select your time and date. Don’t forget the am or pm.

Facebook 3

Step Six; Double check: Go to the top of your ‘Home Page. Click on Activity

facebook 5

Step Seven: The drop down menu will have a listing of scheduled posts and or drafts. Clicking on the scheduled will give you a rolling list of your scheduled posts. You can edit, reschedule from there.

Facebook 4.5And there it is. Note this is only for a Business  Page. At this time, you can schedule 6 months in advance.  Please note your personal page, you can only schedule on the day of.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage