How to Reward Employees When Cash is Tight


The end of the year is in sight, employees may be expecting a bonus for all their hard work.But it may be hard to do for employers when times are tough. We are in an economic squeeze so for many optical businesses it is harder to give out employee bonuses. However,this is not the time to stop recognition and rewards programs.

When times are hard it is even more important to reward performance that has a positive impact on business. But money isn’t the only motivator. Non-cash rewards are just as important. For example, job responsibility, varied work and employee discounts on eye-wear, services and other products are all good incentives.

Public recognition is very important for a job well done. If cash is tight maybe an extra vacation day or two for an excellent employee would be just as much appreciated as money.

Courtesy: Scott Adams

Other ideas how to reward employees when cash is tight: Flextime, floating holidays, education benefits, career building materials.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage