How To Offer 3D Printed Eyewear In Your Office


Multicolor woodlike frames

We have been writing about 3D printed eyewear for years. New company 3-D Frame solutions has made it easier for eyecare professionals to offer in-house customized eyewear using a 3D printer:

Press Release: 3-D Frame Solutions is revolutionizing the future of eyewear through innovative software specializing in the art of custom printing of eyeglass frames. Innovative technology is now available for eyecare professionals to maximize their profits by minimizing high costs associated with inventory and cost of goods.

3-D Frame Solutions officially launched their 2015 3-D Sunglass Package in February, in Austin, Texas at the Texas Optometric Association. Version one of this release includes five (5) frame designs with 20 pre-loaded temple sizes and 10 pre-loaded bridge sizes on the Flashforge Creator Pro. Upcoming releases later this year will include the enhanced features of fully customizing the eye size, eye height, pantoscopic tilt, temple length and wrap for each individual patient. The result is an unprecedented level of patient comfort versus the one-size-fits-all current frame model.

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