How To Make Chocolate Eyeglasses For National Chocolate Day


October 20 is National Chocolate Day and we asked our friend Maarten Weidema of Procchiali Studio  dish us up some chocolate eyeglasses and send us his DIY. Maarten always up to challenge or is a major chocoholic, immediately started this process and here is his story:

Step 1. Gather Ingredients.

Chocolate Sunglasses

Step 2. Throw brown sugar in an oven dish (or whatever fits). Maarten used 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) You can use 1 pound. You will be able to use this sugar again.. this is just the base. You might be able to use flour or another type of mixture. This is just what he used.

Brown Sugar

Step 3. Place plastic kitchen foil or saran on top of the sugar.

Step 4. Press hard into the foil the eyeglasses/ sunglasses you want to make. This is your mold.  BTW, they call it foile in the Netherlands.. Rhymes with Jolie..

Chocolate and Saran Wrap

Step 5. Pull out Eyeglasses out of mold, when you have a deep enough imprint. Maarten didn’t do that the first time.. oh what a mess!

Step 6. Melt choco au bain marie (Netherlands speak) Use whatever chocolate you want to use. Maarten used 200 Grams (7.05 ounces) You can use less too. Depends on size you are making.

Chocolate in Pan

Melt Chocolate

Step 7. Pore melted chocolate it onto the plastic -foil where the cavity is.

Step 8. Put in fridge for an hour or so. If you want to add in sprinkles, you might consider adding in when it is somewhat soft.

Step 9. Take it out remove foil.

Step 10. Cut away any chocolate that is sticking out. Carve into any shape you want, add decor and Voila… Chocolate Sunnies.

Chocolate Sunglasse final

Chocolate Aviators

Chocolate Sunglasses

Maarten Chocolat







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