How to Ensure Accessibility for Every Online Audience

World Health Organization

We are so focussed on eyewear and vision that we might tend to forget other impaired audiences that also go online and need eye exams.  Ran across a good article on Accessibility for Every Online Audience, that is an interesting read for those who are looking to update their online presence.

World Health Organization

As of 2012, there were roughly 7.6 million web users with a hearing impairment who were active online, according to Interactive Accessibility. 8.1 million users had visual impairments, and 15.2 million had a cognitive, mental, or emotional impairment. With this range of abilities and unique needs, are you adequately catering to your website’s entire audience?

Why Does Accessibility Matter?

You might think that because your website features written text, video clips, and clear menu options, you’re in the clear when it comes to maintaining accessibility for all users. However, over 57 million Americans have a disability that impacts their ability to navigate online. Plus, this is only one country in a global market.

To accommodate this “minority” as you design, publish, and tweak your website, it’s important to look at all angles of ability. With an attitude of greater diversity and an open mind, your business’s first attempt at customer outreach starts before they even make a purchase. Read the full story here

Image:Dyslexia UK, via Creative Commons
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