How Many Online Eyewear Companies Are There?


$35.5 Billion is the estimated eyewear industry in North America alone. The Vision Council and other companies estimate the market will grow to $44-47 Billion by 2020. Estimates run that the e-commerce business is anywhere from 2-14%.  Many things will drive the growth, aging population, obamacare, premium eyewear and the consumer awareness of choices in what they are wearing and online sales.

There are hundreds of online eyewear companies, it would take forever to list everybody. It is not just about companies such as Amazon, eBay, Zappos, Shopify, Gilt, FarFetch and Fancy.  Every designer has their website, Prada and Dolce are on page one. Fashion Bloggers are all pushing eyewear from Nasty Gal to Accessories Magazine. 3D Eyewear companies are growing with your customized made to order. Every department store, every sporting goods store…

Bottom line: It is very tough and competitive market out there in the online marketplace.

March 30, 2015- GlassesUSA, the online retailer specializing in prescription eyewear, announced the closing of $12.5 million in new financing led by Viola Private Equity, a member of the Viola Group. The funding will further GlassesUSA's aggressive business growth and accelerate their expansion as a leading player in the growing global market of online eyewear, both B2C and B2B.
March 30, 2015- GlassesUSA, the online retailer specializing in prescription eyewear, announced the closing of $12.5 million in new financing led by Viola Private Equity, a member of the Viola Group. The funding will further GlassesUSA’s aggressive business growth and accelerate their expansion as a leading player in the growing global market of online eyewear, both B2C and B2B.

Online you have to get found, you have to pay to get found on page 1-3. You have to be on as many Social Media platforms as you can. You have to ‘own’ a lot of key words. You have to target market on Facebook. You can do promoted pins on Pinterest, you can buy Key Words or page one on google (expensive). Lets face it, the day of easy e-commerce is over.

How tough is it? Out of our last list we did about 4 years ago, over  30% of the companies are no longer in business. Many of the sites their websites have not been updated since 2013. If you want to stay competitive you must 1.) Utilize Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and have a blog. 2.) Free Shipping is a must. 3.) Try On technology is the usual, with a home trail becoming popular. 4.) Social Responsibility is a huge trend.

New companies are constantly starting. Add in Eyewear that has been Crowd-Sourced via Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Capsule or collaboration with various designers, rock stars, sports people, artist, car companies, it is almost like OH.. Lets do a Sunglass Capsule or Limited Edition product. Drew Barrymore’s Flower Eyewear is in Walmart, Kim Kardasian frames are in America Best,.

Five years ago, if you plugged in Eyewear, many companies would come up on page one. No Longer…  out of the over 91,000,000 hits in search on google. Page one is dominated and paid for by Warby Parker, Coastal (Essilor), Lenscrafters (Luxottica), Frames Direct (Essilor), Zenni and a smattering of others. Keywords are Eyewear, Eyeglasses, Frames, sunglasses (181,000,000 hits), sunwear, sports glasses, goggles, sunnies, designer eyewear, affordable designer eyewear (9,000,000+ hits)

In addition, many optical professionals sites have added shopping carts to their website which also come up. We came up with a small list of e-commerce online companies using only about 6 key words. We did add in a few e-commerce sites from eyecare professionals, which showed up in the first 10 pages of google.

Our estimate is that is is about 5% of the online eyewear companies. We have not included all contact lens companies and accessory and low vision companies.

  1. 1-800 Contacts And Glasses: bought by Luxottica in 2014
  2. 39Dollar (Hauppauge, NY)
  3. 4 Sight (San Francisco, CA) One for One company
  4. AFEyewear (Austin, TX) Eyewear for armed forces. Contact lenses too. Started by Dr. Dhavid Cooper and Dr. Guy Hodgson, who also started
  5. Alex G Eyewear (USA) Virtual Try on, states they are an eyewear design firm. Has Affiliate Partner Program
  6. Alue Optics (Groton, CT)
  7. Andrew Logan (UK) Novelty and fun eyewear
  8. Archibald Optics (NY, NY)  home trial Firmoo Online Glasses A
  9. Aya Eyewear (Canada) gives back to natives
  10. Aye Spy (UK) Leather Eyewear line, Made funding goal on Indiegogo
  11. Baendit Eyewear (Braden, FL) Kickstarter, interchangeable temples 
  12. Balboa Eyewear (Newport Beach, CA) Made crowdsourcing goal in Indiegogo, Gives back to Meals for America.
  13. Bambooka (UK) NFP company. Bamboo sunglasses, from Eye Wear Africa to give back to PEPE
  14. Banton Frameworks (UK) On Kickstarter, interchangeable temples. States eyewear made in Britain
  15. Banz Eyes (FL) on Kickstarter
  16. Barring Eyewear (Philadelphia, PA) Gives back to a variety of companies, Was on Indiegogo.
  17. Barks Design (Redondo Beach, CA) Wood Eyewear

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  18. Bckspace Eyewear (Netherlands) has retail store and e-commerce site.
  19. Beaver Bill (Netherlands) online store selling stone, wood and bamboo eyewear. Has store location
  20. Beer Optics (USA) Beer themed eyewear and merchandise
  21. Benji Frank Eyewear (USA) one for one eyewear, gives back
  22. Bespecd (Australia)
  23. Best Buy Online for contacts and eyewear.
  24. Biz Eyes (China)
  25. Black Eyewear (UK) Roope Opticians has several stores and has wholesaled products in a few locations.
  26. Blenders Eyewear (San Diego, CA) give back to scholarships.
  27. Blue Planet Eyewear (Carpenteria, CA) One for one give back program
  28. Boho Vesper (Chicago, IL) Lifestyle brand, wood and bamboo sunglasses, on Indiegogo
  29. BonLook (Canada)
  30. Bonocle (Europe?) focus on limited edition eyewear, Owner is an optometrist,
  31. Bosky (Corvallis, OR) Wood Eyewear, on Kickstarter, made their goal.
  32. Brownie and Madam (San Francisco, CA) Also does home parties. Owned by Alpa Shroff OD
  33. Boulton Eyewear (Netherlands) 3D Eyewear on Kickstarter
  34. Canvas Eyewear (CT) customized eyewear. On Indiegogo, made their goal
  35. Carve Eyewear (Australia) Sport Sunglasses
  36. Coastal/Essilor (Canada) Bought by Essilor for $387M in 2014. Clearly Contacts is the parent company. They bought online eyewear company Just Eyewear in 2011.
  37. Colin Leslie Eyewear (UK) Bamboo Eyewear
  38. Cool Beams (San Francisco,CA) Flip up sunglasses, was on Kickstarter
  39. Covry Sunglasses (NY, NY) Kickstarter
  40. Criminalizing Boring Sunglasses (San Francisco, CA) Made their Kickstarting Goal
  41. Critique Heart (Spain) Boutique/ Artisanal  Eyewear
  42. Crown Wood Eyewear (Tucson, AZ) Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Wood Sunglasses
  43. Crystal Eyeglasses does custom jeweled eyewear
  44. Crush Sunglasses (Lake Forest, CA) has a give back capsule collection
  45. CV Changing Eyewear (Tampa, FL) Indiegogo, gives back to Wounded Warrior
  46. David Kind (CA) Try on at home, free shipping, ABO optician owned.
  47. DayBreak Sunglasses (Australia) Made crowdsourced good in Indiegogo. Gives back to Vision Charity
  48. Devis (Slovakia) Made funding goal on Indiegogo
  49. Deb Stoner (Bespoke and custom jewelry, artisanal eyewear.
  50. Desiar Eyewear. Give back, crowdsourced products online eyewear
  51. Dharma Eyewear (Farmingdale, NY) gives back to Optometry Giving Site), virtual try on, app,
  52. Diode Optics (Salt Lake City, UT)
  53. Ditto Virtual, 3D virtual try on technology. did a crowd sourcing event to ward off copyright trolls.
  54. Divine Optics (Brooklyn, NY) Designer Eyewear
  55. Eagle Eyes (Calabasas, CA) Has Optometrist and Ophthalmologist on Advisory boards
  56. Eco Couture Eyewear (NY, NY) Eco friendly products, partnered with 5% of all proceeds of sales will be donated
  57. Elliot Havok Eyewear (San Francisco, CA) made funding goal on Indiegogo.
  58. Enclave Eyewear (Agora Hills, CA) Raised $181,000 on Kickstarter for sunglasses. Also on Indiegogo.
  59. Envision Frames (WA) One to One Give back program
  60. Enki Eyewear (Australia) Artisanal Eyewear
  61. EpiStoke (Utah) Kickstarter, customizable Sunglasses
  62. Extreme Eyewear (UT) Sports Eyewear
  63. (Ohio) Give Back For every frame sold gives back to low income schools
  64. EyeBuy Essilor owns majority Stake (2013)
  65. Eye- Conic (owned by VSP)
  66. Eyefly (NY, NY) online designer eyewear
  67. Eye Goodies (USA) Free shipping, designer eyewear
  68. Eye See Euphoria (NC)
  69. (NY)
  70. Eyelid Reading Glasses (MI)
  71. Eyewear Brands (UK) has store, owned by opticians, e-commerce site
  72. Eyewear Concierge (UK) e-commerce site of Eyewear Concierge with 4 locations. Higher end end eyewear.
  73. Eyewear Connection (carries all the designers)
  74. Eyewear Insight (Pasadena, CA) has a fundraising program whereas they will donate back 10% to schools
  75. Eyewear Pros (Staten Island, NY) for every frame sold $5.00 is given to New Eyes For The Needy
  76. Fabian Baron Eyewear (UK) Bought by Essilor 2015
  77. Family Eyeglasses
  78. Featherwood Frames (Yellow Springs, OH) Wood eyewear made by pedal power as in no electricity.
  79. Felix Gray(NY, NY) made funding goal on Indiegogo
  80. Felix & Iris (Greenwood, IN) ) Virtual Try on, home trial
  81. Fetch Eyewear (Portland, OR) Gives back to animals
  82. Finest Glasses (El Monte, CA)  buy a frame, get free photo- chromatic lenses, Virtual Try On.
  83. Firmoo (China) Low end, try on Technology.
  84. Frameri  (USA) was on Shark Tank, interchangeable frame
  85. Frame Boutique (Columbus, OH) designer eyewear
  86. Frames Direct (TX) Majority owned by Essilor (2010). Started by optometrists. Partners with Essilor for online eyewear
  87. Frames Emporium (Atlanta, GA) Designer, luxury and exclusive Eyeglasses
  88. Francis Drake Eyewear (Greenbrae, CA) states manufacturers in Italy, $95 frame and lens package, virtual try on. States used to work in family optical business.
  89. Frankie Dean (Australia) Virtual try on, home try on
  90. Front Row Eyewear, gives back to several causes
  91. Funoogles (USA) Kids sunglasses, Does some give back

    AF eyewear
    Owned by the optometrists who started
  92. Fuse Lenses (USA) Does lenses only
  93. Glass UP (Italy) Smart Glasses, on Indiegogo
  94. Global Eyeglasses (Hampton Bay, NY) Gives back to New Eyes for the Needy
  95. Giving Tree Eyewear (Newport Beach, CA) Wood Eyewear, Gives back to Boys Hope, Girls Hope and Laugh for Site
  96., bought by Luxottica in 2014
  97. (TX and China) lower end, free SV lenses, 3 day delivery
  98. GlassesSpot (Brooklyn, NY) owned by Doctors. Free shipping, price match, designer eyewear
  99. GlassesUSA (Israel)
  100. Grown Designs (Australia) wood eyewear, gives back to Fred Hollows
  101. Googles4U
  102. Green Eyes Eyewear (Los Angeles, CA) Eco Friendly eyewear. Find a retailer site not up yet.
  103. Haber Vision (Golden, CO) Sport Sunglasses, has affiliate program.
  104. Hang Loose Optics (Netherlands)
  105. Hemp Eyewear (Scotland, UK) , Indiegogo, eyewear made from Hemp
  106. Hout Couture (South Africa) Wood Eyewear: For every pair sold, a seed will be planted through the Eco-Schools Programme, one of the many initiatives supported by WWF-SA and Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA).
  107. Hoven Vision (San Diego, CA) Sports and Suns
  108. Huxley Eyewear (Roseville, MN) Give back. Features on demand eyewear
  109. I Heart Eyewear (Livermore, CA) e-commerce site of Rons Optical
  110. Iristocracy (NY) sells eyewear online and then sends patient to eyecare professional for lenses. Virtual Try On.
  111. Italian Eyewear (Doral, FL)
  112. Jembere Eyewear (NY)
  113. Jimmy Fairly (France) one for one program (has retail stores) Warby Parker of France
  114. Jimmy Swagg Eyewear (Hempstead, NY) Gives back to Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship Fund.
  115. JS Boathouse (Canada) Clubwear with patterned lenses
  116. KarmaWood (Germany) wood eyewear
  117. Kate Reese designer eyewear (Last post on blog is 2013)
  118. KnockArounds (San Diego, CA) lower end, fun sunglasses. Has some limited edition. Gives back to Oceana for Shark Week.
  119. Kreed Eyewear/ Crush Sunglasses
  120. Krys (France) Krys Opticians- e-commerce site
  121. Lema21/ deÓtica, (merged in 2015) Brazil. They are considered the Warby Parker of Brazil
  122. Lens Factory (USA) lenses only
  123. Lookamatic
  124. Lucky Selectism (NY, NY) 4 Best Online stores
  125. Lura US (Los Angeles, CA) Boutique Eyewear
  126. Luxol (Australia) High end online dealer in Australia and New Zealand.
  127. Made Eyewear (Ca) separate online company by Kevin Hundert of Rem. give back, works with Restoring Vision. Make your own frame, custom eyewear.
  128. Make Eyewear (Ft. Worth, TX)
  129. Marshall Eyewear (UK) Rockstar eyewear
  130. Mason Eyewear (Miami, FL)  owned by optometrist, give back program
  131. Milk Eyewear (Arcadia, CA) Gives back to New Eyes For the Needy, Virtual Try On. E-commerce site of Optimate Inc.
  132. Mosevic-  Denim Eyewear, on Kickstarter. Hasn’t begun yet but made funding.
  133. Mister. SPEX (Germany, UK), try on technology, contact lenses, designer eyewear, luxury and exclusive eyewear. Try on at home. Just picked up $40 million in funding by Goldman Sachs. They bought in 2013 online eyewear stores Lensstore and Loveyewear.
  134. Mood Vision (Austin, TX)
  135. Naked Specs (Australia) Bamboo eyewear, buyers can pick their charity to give back to.
  136. NY Glass (NY)
  137. NYX Golf (Addison, TX) golf glasses, offers affiliate program
  138. Ojos Eyewear (Venice Beach, CA) , plants trees
  139. Optics Planet (Northbrook, IL) Has a donation request form, discounts
  140. Original Trading Company (Portland, OR) remakes vintage eyewear and sells online.
  141. Outlaw Eyewear (Ladera Ranch, CA) Biker Sunglasses
  143. Pterys Wood sunglasses,  donates sunglasses back to Haiti to prevent Pterygium. Made funding in Indiegogo.
  144. Quattrocentro (Italy)
  145. Pacific Link Trade (Dalton, GA)
  146. Palowood (Amsterdam) Wood Eyewear, plants trees
  147. Petrol Eyewear (Huntington Beach, CA) Sunwear for Driving
  148. Podium Eyewear (UK)
  149. Proper Eyewear (Milwaukee, WS)
  150. RayBan –Owned by Luxottica
  151. Rare Eyewear (San Francisco, CA) Vintage Eyewear. Has store and sells online
  152. Reddin Eyewear (Monterey Park, CA) (Not open yet)
  153. Rejwan Eyewear (Tarzana, CA) owned by optometrist, gives back to Research to Prevent Blindness
  154. Reve Bene Eyewear (Hong Kong) trendy, boutique eyewear
  155. Ril Eyewear (Beverly Hills, CA) Indiegogo, not quite up yet, eyewear to be able to wear Google Glass over.
  156. Rowley Eyewear (NY, NY) online eyewear from designer Cynthia Rowley. In partnership with B. Robinson for e-commerce site. Has retail stores
  157. Sawyer Eyewear (Naples, FL) Wood Eyewear, made funding on Kickstarter
  158. Scarlett of Soho (UK) Bills as an eyewear concierge service.
  159. Sealz (Australia) Transitional sunglasses from land to water
  160. See.Saw.Seen (USA) live chat, virtual Try on,
  161. Seneca Eyewear (USA) Free shipping
  162. Sets Eyewear (Los Angeles, CA) interchangeable temples, on Indiegogo, 1% for The Planet
  163. Shades Station (UK) sells designer eyewear
  164. Sidebar Eyewear (Miami, FL) made funding on Indiegogo
  165. Sides Eyewear (Naperville, IL)  interchangeable temple inserts
  166. Sikk Shades (TX) Lifestyle sports sunglasses
  167. Simply Eyewear
  168. Sires Eyewear (Los Angeles, CA) Wood Eyewear from sustainable sources. Sells online and at events
  169. Slap See (New Zealand) Foldable Sunglasses
  170. Slydz Eyewear (Del Ray Beach, FL) interchangeable temples. Affiliate program
  171. Smart Buy Glasses (USA, UK) one for one give back program
  172. Sneaking Duck (Australia) Try on at home for free program.
  173. Socotra (NY, NY)
  174. Solo Eyewear (San Diego) one for one program, bamboo sunglasses,
  175. Sport RX (San Diego)
  176. Sum Company (NY) Interchangeable temples.custom design
  177. Sun God Eyewear (UK) Sun and sport
  178. Swivel Clip
  179. Textiles and Alchemy (Miami, FL) Boutique Eyewear
  180. The Guise Company (Los Angeles, CA)
  181. Thrive Eyewear (USA) Wood Eyewear, gives back by planting trees
  182. Tumbeelo Group (Hong Kong) novelty eyewear and accessories
  183. Top Heads (Australia) Eco Friendly Eyewear, Free Home Trial
  184. Traps Eyewear (Portland, ME) Eyewear made from old Lobster Traps
  185. TRioo (Shanghai) online eyewear
  186. UnqiBrow (Spain) interchangeable Sunglasses.
  187. Vigor Eyewear (Canada) Sunglasses for sports
  188. Warby Parker One for one program, has retail stores, try on technology. Is part of an affiliate program.
  189. Waybu (CA) Bamboo sunglasses, give back to clean water
  190. Westbrooke Frames (NY) ecommerce site for Sama Eyewear
  191. Wesley Knight Eyewear (Nashville, TN) Bespoke, horn eyewear,
  192. Wild Soul (NY, NY) Gives back to charity of choice, sunglasses
  193. William Painter Eyewear (San Diego, CA) Kickstarter, Sunglasses
  194. Yeroc by Corey Woods (Canada)
  195. Zenni Optical (China) Best known for $8.95 frame and lens packages



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  1. Swedish brand Vasuma sell to shops all over Sweden, Europe and even to LA (Gogosha). They also have a webshop The frames are all named by snakes. Top sellers are round Snok and aviator shaped Eggeater.

    Thanks for this site, keep the good work up girls 🙂

  2. Another good question. Normally I would go to and see what they say, although since they are now owned by Amazon.. I have found the information different.For instance has a 11, 174 Rank in the USA and CNN has a 22 rank. The lower the rank the better. Warby Parker has a 2381 Rank in the US. Alexa does not give the hits, but gives you a general ideas on ranking.

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