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Jody Schuler
Jody Schuler
Jody Schuler

How do you make your clients feel? Do you make them feel special? You have to do this if you want your clients to continue to return to you.

People today are bombarded by sales gimmicks and opportunities to save money on a variety of products. Not the least of these is Eyewear. I had a client tell me after paying her copay for her eye exam she received several emails regarding online eyewear sales. Fortunately she expressed she would never do that because I always take the time to help her and her family and she cannot get that special service online. So how do you help a person to think that they need to see you, their Optician, for their eyewear needs? Simply put, make them feel special.

Let me relate an experience I had a couple of months ago. I had an opportunity to assist a client new to me but not new to the office. She is the type of person that likes bizarre eyewear, my kind of client.

While discussing her needs she takes out two frames that she had purchased online that she wants me to use to put lenses into. To be honest, they were poor quality and poor fit. I took the time to explain why they would not work for her complicated Rx. I also asked her why she bought these frames. I knew the answer but I wanted her to tell me.

She expressed that nobody has any unique eyewear in this area. That meant the last time she was cared for in our office, 2 years ago, the optician just filled her request and allowed the ‘patient’ to leave. We knew that– for the last 4 years we have been focussing on filling that niche and started carrying several unique eyewear collections so our patients would not walk out the door without making a purchase.

Seeing an opportunity, I could not let someone interested in unique eyewear not see what I had to offer. I asked her if she would allow me to show her some pieces. The one that caught her eye and I focused on was a Face ā Face. Yet the color was not bold enough. I just said “I know just the color for you. Let me order it, and I will show you just how unique we are.” When I showed her the online picture, she was amazed at the colors! I didn’t stop there-  I informed her of my custom clip manufacturer Arnold De’Burdo @ Custom Eyes (Facebook).

Continuing on, I next suggested using an off plan lens. She had Davis Vision but I wanted to introduce and have her photo 1try a digital design lens as she had been having issues with her current lens. However I knew this because I asked and showed her how a digital lens would help.

This is a photo of her completely customized eyewear. How do you think she felt upon receiving her eyewear along with custom clip made just for her? Do you think she felt special? Trust me she will only come to me from now on. Why? Because I took the time and made her feel special!!

This client is a result of hard work and knowing what is available in the market place. How do I find such unique products? I educate myself and search out unique products. Yes this takes time and energy. However you tell me if $1500.00 of client contribution sale is worth the effort? Or would you rather stay in the sea of mediocrity and hope you get more ‘patients’ in your offices. Personally I want to make lasting client relationships and I will continue to do so by making them feel special.

This is what I feel is being a luxury eyewear dispensing Optician. You must be willing to learn about products and wear and try them yourself. Like the custom frame I am wearing. Designed by me and fabricated at Mosh Design by Sarah Moshurchak of Vancouver BC @ Granville- Eyeland  This type of dispensing takes effort, yet the pay off is worth it. Clients in our store tell us all the time that they love coming to us because of our service and product knowledge. Is this the type of comments you want? I am sure you do. So put in the effort. Trust me. It will be worth it.

I encourage one and all to continue to learn. Be the best you can be. If you are interested in rediscovering passion for your job and our industry, please contact me Jody A. Shuler at jodyshuler@gmail (dot) com. I have been in the industry for 23 years and an LDO for 18 of those. I would love to help and motivate. 



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  1. I am so proud to be one of Jody’s unique customers! I love purple glasses and he is always looking for me! He treats me like a person, not like a number, and I am so glad he is here in Watertown NY.

  2. Excellent article! Wonderful. Love my new glasses. Thank you for taking so much time with me to find the perfect glasses.

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