Holy Cow Appreciation Day!


One of the best parts about blogging is finding really interesting and unusual eyewear. Really how much can you really say about a retro frame? So when you find cut out cows on the temples of a pair of eyeglasses, well, you just have to share it as the perfect accessory for and I ‘Swear on my Holsteins’ National Cow Appreciation Day. July 14 is the big day to get mooving and appreciate those cows.

Check this out, Swiss eyewear company Metal Art Concept created some limited edition frames with pastoral cow scenes. Three styles and 3 scenes and I wish the pictures were better.



Poya 1



Poya 2
Poya 2

The website is in French and here is what they say via Google Translate: Metal art concept was born in August 2008 under the aegis of Didier Voirol, optician and Swiss artist who made the mad bet to create original collections intended for a diverse public. MAC Metalartconcept A multi-movement collection inspired by the diversity of Swiss heritage and a re-evaluated vision of urban complexity. Adapting to current trends and constantly on the lookout for new revolutionary technologies and ideas, Metalartconcept is always amazed by the choice of its designs and materials. The collection is sold to most independent opticians in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France.

Didier Voirol Artist Spectacles A high-end collection that uses surface treatments from high-tech Swiss watchmaking.

Eye Did Not Know That:

  • Cows have panoramic vision. They can see almost everything without moving their heads. They cannot see behind them
  • Cows have poor depth perception. This is why they may be putting their heads down before moving.
  • There are over 800 breeds of cattle.

Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

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