Holidays With HOYA- An Upcycled Lens Contest – Our First Entries


Our first entries for the Holiday Ornament- Win a Free HOYA Lens was submitted by Amanda Hines of Holloway Eye Care & Optique. Very  cute, love the googly eyes.


 Made by Jeanine Reding, owner of Homer Township Vision Center in Homer Glen, IL. Little tinsel work going on here..

Specty is made from all things in Advanced Family Eyecare Labs. old lenses, his buttons are glitter covered nose pads, his face is made up of nuts and a glitter covered screw for his nose. His scarf is a semi rimless helper!! His arms are temples from a childs frame. His hat is a block and adhesive sticker used in our edger, to cut lenses. Submitted by Chrissy Rust..

Advanced Family Eyecare, Coweta, Ok


Aspire MidPage June 19