History of Eyewear Hats: Celebrating National Hat Day January 15


January 15 is National Hat which prompted this search on the history of eyehole or eye hats. Paco Rabanne relaunched their designer collection in 2011 featuring of all things Eye Hats.  (F/W 2011). Eye hats are not new, seen as far back as the 40’s.

Pace Rabanne F/w 2011

Isabella Blow, was an English magazine Editor who was the muse for Phillip Treacy, hat designer was known for her wild and eccentric hats.

Isabella Blow 2002

Before then, others sported Eye Hats. The Grand Dame of Fashion Schiaparelli EyeHat circa 1950

in 1953


The Monocle Veil was introduced by Helen Liebert. Even Monocles Hats and Diving Hats

March 1942 Monocle Veil became popular

The Mod 60’s brought a goggle hat look

In Febuary of 1966 Harpers Bazaar featured the Sun Visor by Optico. Model is Tilly Tizzani, Photographer is Hiro

1966 Harper Bazaaar

This was obviously taken at the races, Ascot I would say circa 1984


This post was sponsored by Rons Optical,t who distribute Vizini, a visor attachment to eyewear.

Vizini in Hyacinth


Claire Goldsmith MidPage


  1. Ooooh! I so wish hats were part of our every day attire! These are sooooo fun! I guess I will just have to go to Ascot!

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