History Of Eye Exercises: Vintage Vision Therapy Inventions


Vision therapy, also known as visual training, vision training, or visual therapy, is a broad group of techniques aimed at correcting and improving binocular, oculomotor, visual processing, and perceptual disorders. Various forms of visual therapy have been used for centuries.[2] The concept of vision therapy was introduced in the late nineteenth century for the non-surgical treatment of misaligned eyes (strabismus). This early and traditional form of vision therapy is what is now known as ‘orthoptics‘ – although this term does not limit the work of Orthoptists who today often work beyond the realm of strabismus.[3][4] Collaboration of some eye care professionals with educators and neuroscientists produced an expansion of vision therapy into the treatment of other eye coordination (binocular) deficits as well as dysfunctions in visual focusing, perception, tracking and motor skills. (Wikipedia)

As a result of this expansion and ensuing confusion over what the term “vision therapy” includes, there is some controversy as to the use of vision therapy for individuals with learning disorders.

Here are some Eye Exercises Inventions from the 20th Century

1933: Cross Eyes Cured by Pictures;  A child places a pair of attractive picture slides in an instrument resembling an old-fashioned stereoscope and manipulates the device to make the pictures fuse together. Thus he tries to trap a lion in a cage or catch a butterfly in a net. Through corrective exercises of this sort, a cure is often effected without recourse to a surgical operation, Source

Popular Science Magazine Feb. 1933

1938: Eye Exerciser Look Liked Ferrris Wheel Modern Mechanix Febuary 1938 ; DESIGNED to strengthen eye muscles through exercise, a new apparatus invented by Dr. William I. Henry, of Akron, Ohio, resembles a carnival chance wheel in appearance. The device consists principally of a large rotating disc to which toy animals are attached in slots in such a manner that they assume different positions as the disc rotates by mechanical means. Source 

1938 New Eye Instrument Make Eyes Stronger: September 1938  Popular Science . American Optical invented an gadget with mirrors, lenses and lights that combined to make stereoscopic images. These were used to strengthen the eye and build up weak muscles. Source


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