History Of A.I.T Industries – An Optical Equipment Company


At one time optical lenses were hand ground glass and put into various materials to make eyeglasses. One of the oldest, still in business,  optical equipment companies is A.I.T. Industries is still successfully operating today. We decided to do a post on The History Of A.I.T Industries.

1952- A.I.T Industries Established

1964 Yordan Vulich hired as project engineer for First Automatic Bevel Edger, The “Super Dynamite”.

1967 “Mark V” Free Float Patent.

1975 Willy Loreto joins AIT as chief electronic engineer. “Mark VI” introduced to wholesale labs.

1979 “Grande Mark” First digitally controlled Pattern Edger. Patented Levelator Cycle.

1981– “501″ Surface Marker/Blocker

1982 “Speede Blocker” introduced

1987 “Destiny” Dry Edger introduced.

1989 Essilor purchases AIT Yordan leaves AIT to start Opti-vue.

1992 “Optimax 210″ Introduced

1995 “Delta-Scan 2000″ Patternless Edger introduced.

1996 Opti-Vue purchases AIT from Essilor. The heart and soul of AIT returns.

1999 “GSC-150″ Patternless Edger introduced.

2000 Maxima and Optima Patternless Edging Systems are introduced. AIT becomes and exclusive distributor of Binocular Autorefractors from Grand Seiko

2001 Maxima Speed introduced at the OLA

2002 Maxima Speed nominated for the OLA Award of Excellence. Practica Patternless Edger introduced.

2003 Maxima Speed is nominated again for an OLA Award of Excellence.

2005 Opera Drill introduced.

2006 Opera Scan introduced.

2007 Practica Evolution introduced.

2008 Center Patient Measurement System,Maxima Combimax introduced. Opera Scan nominated for OLA Award of Excellence.

2009 AIT launches a complete line of Ophthalmic Instruments to become a complete turnkey solution for opening a new practice.

2011 AIT becomes the exclusive distributor forWECO equipment


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