Healthy Vision Month- May and FREE Stuff

The Vision Council

May is Healthy Vision Month- a great opportunity to call your patients and promote your office and eye health! Healthy Vision Month is sponsored by the National Eye Health Education Program of the National Eye Institute (NEI)

Why not call up those patients you haven’t seen for over a year?- Tell them May is Healthy Vision Month and in honor of the month, you are 1.) offering discounts on eye exams 2.) Free Glaucoma Check 3.) Discounts on glasses 3.) Free A/R coating with purchase 4.) Swag Bags – 5.) Family Discounts 6.) Unemployed discounts- The point being getting the patient into the office!

Here’s the good thing- FREE Stuff – Go to The Vision Council and sign up your practice for a FREE Eyecare Locator. The Vision Council also offers all sorts of Marketing Tools, such as recall cards, eye health brochures, eye health brochures in spanish, eye exam posters, lenses and lifestyle magazine and telephone on-hold scripts.

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