Health Benefits Of Wine For National Wine Day


Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”  Louis Pasteur National Wine Day is May 25 and we thought we would celebrate by reprinting an article from Ellen Troyer of Biosyntrx on the Health Benefits of Wine.

Research from Johns Hopkins University suggests that a glass or two of red wine every day may help protect the brain from stroke damage. The research, led by Sylvain Dore, PhD, was presented at a conference of the Society for Neuroscience. “This study is unique because we have identified the specific mechanism in red wine that is responsible for stroke protection,” Dore said.

Sunglass Wine GlassDore’s research team found that a compound called resveratrol, found in red wine and red grape skin and seeds, increases brain levels of an enzyme that protects nerve cells from damage: heme oxygenasThis study suggests that prophylactic use of wine could lower the risk of stroke.

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Another recent study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry found that “moderate” amounts of red wine, 5 ounces daily for women and 10 ounces daily for men, slowed memory loss and brain cell death in subjects with suspected Alzheimer’s.

These findings support epidemiological research that has found moderate alcohol consumption is linked to a lower risk of dementia.

Isn’t it interesting that most doctors believe very strongly in the health benefits of drinking moderate amounts of red wine, even those retina specialists who still question the healing powers of nutrition!

Where do they think the healing power of red wine comes from? It’s from the phytonutrients in the grapes and grape seeds.

These retina specialists will hopefully pay some attention to a new study published in the December 2007 issue of Graefes Archives of Clinical Experimental Ophthalmology that found quercetin (one of the major phytonutrients in grapes and grape seeds) significantly inhibited endothelial cell proliferation, including choroidal and retinal angiogenesis in a dose-dependent fashion.

Before you dash off to your local wine merchant to stock up, do know that another study suggests that red grape juice may offer the same protection against heart disease and stroke as red wine. It’s only fair to let you know that this study was funded by Welch’s.

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