HashTags Do’s And Don’ts


Twitter started the Hashtag phenom back in 2007. It took awhile to catch on, now hashtags are cropping up everywhere and can be annoying if not used correctly.

The purpose of a #Hashtag is a way of categorizing topics on Social media. #is used for search, starting conversations, engaging people, going viral. The best practices can leads to a more targeted audience breaking through the noise on social media.

How To Use

  • No spaces in a word. #Breakingbad
  • To differeniate a word use capital letter #BlueEyewear
  • Try not to use more that three (3) hashtags in a single post. More than 8 hashtags is considered hashtag spamming.
  • Make it short and snappy.
  • Make the hashtag relevant to you #dryeye, #eyeweartrends #eyeexam #sunglass.

FYI: You don’t have to hashtag everything Twitter did a report that to its direct response ads without a hashtag or an @ mention experienced 23% more clicks, ( Re/code)

Overdone Hashtags

Ways To Incorporate Hashtags Into Marketing 

1.) Build Your Brand. Let’s say you want to become known for #orthoK in your area.#orthoKOD or#eyewearin25, #exclusiveeyewear, #medicaloptometrist, #kidseyedoctor. Create a few Branding hashtags and use over and over. Double check that no other brand is using it.

2.) Start a Topic #UVprotection,#nationalsunglassday, #eyehealthyfood #sunglasswishlist are all topics of conversation. You can have a #talktuesday conversation going on topics that might be of interest to consumers.

3.) Have a Contest– Companies like Clearvision have several contests, #DilliDalliKids on Facebook and an Halloween contest every year called FaceBo.. customers follow along and post with the hashtag #FaceBoo


4) Have a chat online or a Twitter Party: Similiar to starting a conversation. Using a hashtag #halloweeneyewear, you can have a discussion on what to eyewear for Halloween. Better yet #halloweencontactlensdangers (long hashtag) have a discussion on the dangers of Halloween contact lens.

Tweetchats or Twitter chats can increase your followers and boost awareness of your brand.


5.) Use it for Search for topics that might interest you and your patients.#eyehealth, #healthyrecipes might be an example of subjects that interest both you and your patients. You can even use it to find a job.


Look for equipment


6.) Check out the competition #eyedocsandiego, #optometristsandiego, eyeglassesandiego


If you are using Twitter lists, you can find out what the online retailers are posting.


7.) Use to Stress a topic #havingbadhairday, #eyetrivia as examples .


8.) Current Events Use to promote your products with trends or current events.

Hashtag-Olympic Eyewear

While Hashtags were initially for Twitter, all other social media has incorporated into their platforms.

Best Practices also include going on Twitter to check it, Tweeting at least five times a day, using photos, Retweeting and thanking those who follow you.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage