Happy Easter Trivia


We wish everyone a Happy Easter and to celebrate this holiday we bring you some Easter Trivia #funfacts. One FunFact, there is an EGG Optical in Asia (3 locations)

Easter Trivia’s 

  1. Germany is the country that started the tradition of colored eggs.
  2. 1878 Was the first year that the White House had their famous Easter Egg Roll.
  3. Peter Cottontail was named in a story by Beatrix Potter in 1902
  4. Gene Autry was the first singer to sing the Peter Cottontail song.
  5. Purple and Yellow are the Easter Colors.
  6. The largest chocolate Easter Bunny weighed 2721 kilos or about 3 tons and carved by Harry Johnson in South Africa
  7. 700 Million Peeps are eaten every year.
  8. 9.5 Million was the most expensive Egg sold. It was a Faberge Egg.
  9. The reason that women wore new bonnets on Easter, it was supposed to bring good luck.
  10. The Easter Egg Museum is in Poland and has over 150o Easter Eggs on display.
Claire Goldsmith MidPage