Happy Arbor Day: Trees With Glasses

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We are celebrating Arbor Day which is April 8, 2014. Established in Nebraska, Arbor day was the start of planting and caring for trees. Did you know that if we did not have trees, we most likely would die. Trees provide oxygen, improve air quality from smog and other pollutants, they conserve water, help with soil (farming) and support wildlife. Trees help with climate, they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and they help block wind. I think we all know by now, what deforestation can do…think Oso, Washington.

Arbor Day is a great way to engage your patients and have some fun. Have A Trunk Show with MODO and announce that for every frame sold, a tree is planted. Go out and plant some trees, get with the Lions Club and plant trees. Sponsor a school Program and present ‘wood eyewear’.

Image Credit unknown
Image Credit unknown

There are quite a few optical companies, that plant trees for every frame sold or donate trees. A few of them:

  • MODO
  • Shwood
  • Sires
  • Anni Shades
  • Hout Couture (South Africa)
  • Playn
  • Alexander Trees
  • Medicine Werx
  • Timber
  • Wooed Eyewear
  • Woodzee
  • Woodluck Eyewear




There are other wood eyewear companies that are a member of 1% For the Planet. In fact many of the wood eyewear lines have a give back program.

  • Drift Eyewear
  • Siempre Eyewear

So happy Arbor Day and go out and plant a tree.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage