Green and Save- Take The Brown Bag Challenge


It is kind of amazing how many people despite our recession go out to eat, especially for lunch. People that go out to lunch have every excuse as to why they do, I don’t have time to prepare, I don’t cook, no place to eat…. Even more amazing how ‘broke’ these people are, yet a simple thing like taking your lunch to work saves big money.

Eye Eco:

  • 1/3 of all workers leave the office to buy food
  • The waste from lunch alone amounts to enough disposable cups and plastic utensils to more than circle the equator every workday.
  • 10% of all the waste produced by an office is food.
  • A disposable lunch creates between 4-8 ounces of garbage every day.
  • Bringing lunch from home saves more than 10 Billion pounds of trash.
  • In 2008- Americans spent more than $110 Billion on Fast Food

A few more reasons to Brown Bag It:

  • Eat healthier, no more junk food.
  • Less food waste, as you can re-heat last nites dinner rather than throwing it away.
  • Catch up with reading and personal stuff
  • Save money on gas
  • Better eating habits lead to better productivity and less drowsiness.
  • Save time, no driving to lunch, no waiting in time.
  • Eating healthy, walking during lunch.. lose weight..

How Much can You Save?

  • Brown bagging can save you from $1000- $2000/ year.
  • Count gas, wear and tear on the car, how much would you save if you brown bagged it and took a walk?

Try as a eco- friendly and healthy alternative to brown bag everyday for a month. Take your $5-$10 saving per day and stick it in a special account and watch your savings grow. Have a staff challenge or even challenge your patients to brown bag it.


Tips On Brown Bagging Your Lunch

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