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True Confession- I am becoming obessed with free stuff. My friends all roll their eyes at me- but for some reason, I have to go on Craig’s list everyday to check out what is free. There are tons of free desks, conference tables, office chairs – one office was giving away 20 desks and chairs! Last week, another office was giving away a beautiful, custom large conference table. Cubicle Dividers, Computers, Printers, File Cabinets, Plants and shelves-you name it, you can find it on Craigslist
Here are some examples: 
  • Eurogentec NA has moved to a new facility, and we have some gently used office and laboratory furniture that we no longer have a use for. If you are interested, please drive by 11111 Flintkote Ave, 92121. The available items are in the back of the building near the receiving area. Everything is free; just come and get it! Have a great day and a wonderful holiday season!
  • Free legal-size folders and hanging folders available. Approximately 50.
  • Free Office Furniture – Must be picked up by Dec. 24th – 
    3 Wood grain Desks – 2 Wood grain/ Metal Desks – 6 (or more) Office chairs-Stationary and swivel types –
  • We have 2 oak sled chairs oatmeal fabric, brown wood available for free
  • showcases wooden boxes 3ft-2ft 
  • Entertainment center, good condition, no glass, missing one doorknob 
  • Executive desk chair also free.
  • Free office chairs! Come Get Them! Take 1 or take them ALL! 
  • A whole array of assorted construction supplies, wood, & home goods, including: 
  •  5 gallon drum of Joint Compound (about 2 gallons left) 
  •  Assorted caulk, sealant, and construction adhesive tubes (most unopened) 
  •  Various colors of grout (unsanded
  •  Fence post stake (goes into the ground and a 4″ x 4″ fence post mounts in it — great alternative to digging post holes and setting in concrete) – could also be used as a base for a sign, birdfeeder pole, etc.
  •  Fence post cap
  •  Dummy door handle (the french door type – a long handle rather than a knob) – great for parts or for a door that does not have a latch. And more! Come by and take what you like. 
  • We have all kinds of Office furniture to give away,chairs,desks, bookcases, markerboards, file cabinets, storage lockers, sofas etc……. Stop by with a truck and take it away. We would rather give it away to someone that can use it than fill up the land fills or move it to our new location. 
  • Our office is moving and we have several pieces that need to be gone today by 3pm. There are about 8 desks/corner work stations. we also have 2 credenzas that match the desks. there are also a few cubical partitions available. All furniture is in pretty good condition. It is all solid wood and is heavy. You will need your own truck/trailer and a heavy duty dolly. This will be perfect if you are starting your own business or if you just want it for your home. we do not care what you do with it, we just need it gone. 
    address is 5550 LBJ freeway Dallas, TX 75240 suite 350 
  • Our business closed. We have desks, chairs, tables etc. Free for the taking. Available Saturday 11/22 and Sunday 11/23 9AM-3PM. 6051 N 56th AVE
Over the years, I have heard many offices want to remodel, change their look, update their image, enhance work flow, increase sales. The question always arises- What is the cost? Am I going to get a return on my investment? Then it gets worse- bids start come in! Having just remodeled my home, it is very scary! Depending on size, what you want to do, moving walls, how many displays, it can cost up to $30,000!. So many decisions, the hassle and change! So what do you do? The carpet is stained, the paint is peeling, it looks bad- you know it looks bad, the staff knows it looks bad and worst- the patients know it’s bad! 
Just painting (and you can get paint free on craigslist) will give you an instant update. If you, a friend or staff have a good eye, and some patience (and storage) you can remodel your office for free or almost free. Fortunately you have great trade or barter resources available to you. Also Craigslist and Freecycle are wonderful sources for free stuff. For a listing of Salvage Yards in your State go to Green Eco Services 
Another recommendation is to go to Retro Renovation– this site offers great ideas on updating looks in your home, but is equally good for any office. 
How to begin?
  1. Start with what you need to do- what needs to be changed and what you want to achieve. 
  2. Make a list of what you need  
  3. Set up a budget 
  4. Decide on a look/Design 
  5. Watch some of those Reality TV Shows about Remodeling- they will give you a general idea of what you can do.
  6. Go on Craigslist and see what’s available 
  7. Start Salvaging! 
Not Into Free Stuff 
So you may not be into free stuff or salvage, but there are other options to find eco-friendly and green office furniture. Today, with trends and health concerns, you have much more options available. All these options are fueled by government agencies, universities and corporations specifying greener products, meaning with demand, you get production and selection. Green furniture in general is growing and becoming the newest trend for all furniture stores. 
Green Furniture is made from sustainably harvested woods and recycled, reclaimed, renewable, organic, bio-based, or nontoxic materials, and made with glues, paints, foams, and other ingredients that don’t give off noxious odors. How do you know they are Eco Friendly? The easiest is to see if they are carrying theGreen Guard Seal  “As an ANSI Authorized Standards Developer, GEI establishes acceptable indoor air standards for indoor products, environments, and buildings. GEI’s mission is to improve public health and quality of life through programs that improve indoor air.” You can find listing of Green Guard Certified Furniture on the website. You can also go to the Federal Government Vendor listing
Another good reference for Eco Friendly Office Furniture is Office Helpful hints, ratings and more are available. 
Green Furniture Companies 
  1. Eco Work- The amazing feature of the Ecowork EG green office furniture product is its composition of 95% recycled and rapidly renewable materials. The common but creatively finished materials blend to create an attractive and commercial grade workspace.
  2. Ergonomic Home– Offers a line of Green Guard Certified Products 
  3. Go Green Office Furniture (Canada) 
  4. Material Furniture makes workstations like the Autopilot from FSC Certified wood.
  5. The Green Office is a site full of eco-office supplies from stationary to toner to cleaning products to furniture. Green Guard Certified 
  6. Dirtt provides a green cubicle system with close attention to detail.
  7. Krug produces office furniture with extensive ecological performance aspects.
  8. Springbrain office systems come in bamboo and other sustainable materials.
  9. The Think Chair from Steelcase.
  10. Herman Miller- 
  11. Office dividers from Steelcase that contain no PVC and are recyclable.
  12. The Office Guild– Office Furniture Recyclers 

Whether you salvage, repurpose or buy new- please consider the Greening your office furniture, not only for yourself and staff, but the environment as well. 


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