Götti Launches New Marketing Campaign


Götti, the independent Swiss eyewear company, has launched a new marketing campaign called “On The Cover”. It is all about the new magazine. It encapsulates the entire world of Götti with lots of glasses design, lifestyle, innovation, and everything around the production. And on the cover – a highlight from the collection.

The photography, from the watchful eye of fashion photographer Zosia Prominska, shows modern model poses holding a cover of the Götti Magazine which is a closeup of the model’s face wearing one of the highlighted models from the new Götti collection. The photos are a fusion of positive life style and the distinct cover photo of the new Götti magazine. Always with a subtle kick, the photos are bound to be a surprise. Götti will be using the hashtag #gotticover as part of their social media promotion and will be encouraging eyecare providers and consumers to contribute their own versions of the cover on social media. According to Götti, they will be printing new magazine every quarter and sending it out their authorized dealers starting the end of April.

We love creativity in anything optical. So many of the advertising we see is very generic and not all that imaginative. The new Götti “On The Cover” campaign is one of the better ones we’ve seen in a while. What do you think of the campaign?

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