Google Glass Now Banned In Casinos


Looks like it’s bad news for fans of Googles innovative Google Glass headset. Several Casinos have now begun to regularly ban gamblers from wearing the headset whilst inside the building. Their concerns are that gamblers will be using the headset to alter their game.

The tiny head mounted eye-glass device is capable of taking photos, recording high quality video, internet browsing or using apps like mobile casinos, all whilst sitting comfortably on the users face. Click here for a few no deposit mobile casinos.

Gambling regulators are claiming that owners of these devices could use them to cheat on card games whilst in the casino.

The director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, David Rebuck said: “If these eyeglasses were worn during a poker game, they could be used to broadcast a patrons hand to a confederate or otherwise be used in a collusive manner.”

Although it would be incredibly difficult to prove beyond reasonable doubt that someone wearing a Google Glass headset was using them for cheating, the Division has felt to play it safe rather than take the risk.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has subsequently issued a directive to begin enforcing a ban on the device.

They’ve began telling Casino owners in the Jersey area to begin instructing their staff  to advise any patron of a casino caught wearing a device to remove it or be removed from the premises if they refuse to take off the headset.

In a statement issued by the division Mr Rebuck said: “Even if the glasses had not been used for cheating. Their presence at a gaming table would lead to the perception that something untoward was occurring.”

In regards to these increasing bans and tighter controls on where customers can use their product, Google said: “We are thinking very carefully about how we design Glass because new technology always raises new issues.”

They continued saying that they will:” ensure that our uses become active participants in shaping the future of this technology.”

But the strict controls that are being enforced on Google Glass are not a recent development, for years casinos have been regularly enforcing the rule that all photography and videotaping within the casino is strictly banned. Or if patrons are going to take a photo they must ask staff or security for approval first.

Google Glass has only just come to light because the Division of Gaming Enforcement have only just realized how much of a problem they could face from the technology and are scrambling to try and enforce some sense of control over them.

But it’s not just there, casinos in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut and even the mecca of all gambling in the world Las Vegas, has begun enforcing the Google Glass ban.

From now on all Las Vegas guests at the MGM and Caesars Entertainment resorts will also be asked to remove their Google Glass devices.

Spokesman for Caesars, Gary Thompson has said: “Gaming regulations prohibit the use of computers or recording devices while gambling, so guests can’t wear Google Glass while they’re gambling. The devices will also not be able to be used in showrooms.”

Currently the Division of Gaming Enforcement are also looking to contact other state gambling regulators to being forcing them to enact this rule on their gambling floors as well. With a lot of ground to cover, the Division of Gaming Enforcement has their work cut out for them.


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