Google Focus: Smart Phones-Need Mobile Friendly Websites


It’s no secret that we live in a mobile world today. Most of us feel naked without our smart phone by our side. It’s usually the first thing we check when we wake up and one of the last things we put down when we go to sleep at night. There is a joke going around that says “I’m having a few people over later to stare at their phones if you would like to join us”.


Close to 80% of time spent with social media sites such as Facebook is spent on a mobile device. Almost 60% of Facebook users only visit the site through their mobile device. In total we spend over 51% of our time online on a mobile device. Is it any wonder I and other ECP web professionals have been speaking and preaching about the need to make your practice/store site mobile friendly?


With over 70% of all mobile searches resulting in an action within an hour, Google announced recently that they will soon be splitting its mobile and desktop search results to offer a better smartphone experience. Google will be creating to separate indexes, one for desktop and another for mobile. Since more people are searching on mobile devices than desktop devices, Google’s primary priority will be the mobile index over the existing desktop search index.

With this pending change in priority with a ‘focus’ on mobile, those websites who stubbornly cling to remaining old-school desktop design only will lose site ranking and search results to those who have adopted a mobile friendly design.

Knowing that more and more people are searching the internet on a 5-inch screen, we, like a few other select web consulting firms across the country, have started to focus our new designs to prioritize the mobile user experience. What makes a website work well on a mobile platform? The two biggest priorities are text size and how easily the links on the mobile website are to tap.

This change in Google’s indexing system is still a few months away, so now is a good time for ECP’s to start on revising their websites with an eye for mobile usability for 2017.

.Daniel Feldman, is CEO of dba designs & communications an optical design and marketing firm specializing in improving eye care practices and a co-founder to the Visionaries Group,

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