Gold & Wood Introduces WASHIWOOD

Gold & Wood Sirius néo 01.33

For the first time, THE WASHI, the Japanese paper art material being part of the cultural heritage used for more than one thousand three hundred years has been highlighted by the Craftsmen at Gold & Wood, born under the name WASHIWOOD (pictured above).

Unique models have been produced combining Gold & Wood specific species and thin veget fiber leafs crafted meticulously-appointed and with passion.The stained glass impact is fascinating, only the shades of their exotic wood are the mirror through this material. The WASHIWOOD issued from the association of silk fibers, the mori fibers or other species of precious wood whom are preciously kept secret!

Vanessa Azar the high end beauty influencer…A collaboration with Gold & Wood.
Gold & Wood innovates and enters into the XXL glamour with a new unique creation on the market! AZAR by Gold & Wood Gold & Wood breathes a Fashion dynamic into its titanium Sunpieces Vanessa Azar with the delicate diamond pattern of the lenses and the polychromatic effect.

About Gold and Wood

Gold & Wood is a Maison d’Exception that cultivates its singularity and personifies Tradition, Heritage, Innovation, Authenticity and Creativity. In 1995 Maurice Léonard, founder, CEO, and muse, created Gold & Wood and set up his handcrafted factory in Hosingen, in Luxembourg. Gold & Wood’s first mission is to provide pleasure and dreams around the craftmenship of high-end Eyewear and Jewelry.Our values are based on Emotion, not about need.

The Gold & Wood Master Craftsmen cultivate the perfection of this concept through the strictest rules of luxury craftsmanship. They excel at crafting objects of Exception, designed with the rarest of noble materials.

Gold & Wood models objects of desire, always imbued with a singular know-how.

Gold & Wood will be exhibiting at Silmo -at DaTe (Luxury Room – Booth L20) & at Vision Expo West in The Venetian – The Suites 35-106




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