Goggling Yourself and Your Eyecare Office

Cathy Ives holds a dog that is available for adoption at the Cache Human Society. (Eli Lucero/Herald Journal)

Have you ever googled yourself? It is kinda scary if you do, way too much information is on the internet. I have googled myself and there are several Cathy Ives in the USA- but this one came over on our google alerts. This Cathy Ives actually comes up alot, as she is a speaker and is involved in numerous activities. If you can believe this when I put in Cathy Ives there are 2,630,000 hits. There are 7 professionals in Linked in, OptiGirls (cathy ives) on Twitter comes up on page 1 on google, also on Facebook also on OptiBoard and on The Optical Vision Site. Shirley comes up on page 1 and has only 902 hits on Google.

Here is Cathy Ives story- just in case you want to know:

‘If you want to get to know Cathy Ives, first you’ll have to keep up with her. The general manager of Utah Public Radio is a vivacious fireball who is fun, warm and personable — if you can pin her down to talk. Ives keeps a packed schedule organizing UPR, sitting on two nonprofit boards and pursing hobbies like motorcycling and playing with her two dogs. “I like to be involved with the community,” said Ives before a meeting for the Cache Humane Society board of directors. Read the full story at JH News

The point of the matter, if you want to find out about what others are saying about you and your eyecare office, try googling yourself and you might be surprised and scared at the results. Better yet google your competition, find out what others are saying and try to be better!

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