Giant Eyeglass Sculpture Lights The Way


Several months ago this Giant Eyeglass Sculpture showed up on our Timeline on FB. I just kept waiting to hear more, see where it was going and now we know. The Lighting was a commission by Happy Valley Optical in State College, Pennsylvania.

Eyeglass light

Since 2005, Happy Valley Optical has supported the art community in the state college and have featured rotating works of art from them or from the community in general. During the school year, they feature art from local public schools. A few years ago, they needed new lighting and thought about a giant pair of sunglasses. The idea didn’t really materialize until they saw a 16 foot sculpture of a vespa by artist William Snyder II and thought this is the guy! This is the artist who can design a giant eyeglass sculpture light fixture.

eyeglass light 1

It took 6 months of planning and the Mongoose (name) was born and installed.

Eyeglass light 3

Eyeglass light 4

We love it! How about you?

Kala Mid Page


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