Fun Optical Song- A Red Eye



You tell me that its itchy

and its redness all around, today

you tell me that there’s discharge

and this is what I found, it is…

A red eye and a sty , a red eye

I said A red eye and a sty, a red eye

I’d take another look, see chemosis

and follicles

I need a culture to send to the lab, cuz its looking bad yeahhh

you need some antibiotics

and maybe steroids, and you say…

“Sorry” cant afford it do u have some free samples

no I’m afraid…

Im sorry you have to buy, im sorry

I said Im sorry you have to buy, im sorry


Bridge (guitar/piano)

Stay out your contact lens, don’t wear it

I said go buy the vigamox, and use it

I said use the polytrim, yeah

its for the good of your own eye, because

I’m looking at your globe, Got the redness all around

Feb31 Mid 519