Fuel3D Signs Deal With Augmented Reality Co Fitting Box


New 3D scanning feature developed with FittingBox enhances eyewear virtual try-on fuel3d-fittingbox-owizsolution

2016 – Fuel3D, a leading 3D capture and imaging innovator, and FittingBox, the world leader in virtual try-on solutions for eyewear announced a new 3D scanning collaboration for in-store try-on systems.

FittingBox currently offers an in-store virtual try-on product called OWIZ Mirror, which combines a digital camera and screen to allow optometrists and opticians to provide an augmented reality try-on solution in their retail locations. The OWIZ system currently uses a combination of 2D imaging and software to replicate a “3D” experience.

Fuel3D has developed a 3D scanning enhancement for the OWIZ system, which allows optometrists and opticians to offer customers a unique in-store experience. Customers can rapidly change between frame styles and view themselves in new frames in real time; the system tracks head movements to provide customers with a truly augmented reality of how they’ll look via dynamic on-screen video.

The Fuel3D system also enables a wide range of facial data to be collected, including all of the key measurements needed to create frames, which moves FittingBox’s product into a new category of system.

“We want to make virtual try-on more than just a marketing option for optometrists and opticians, and make it a product that they can’t live without,” said Benjamin Hakoun, CEO, FittingBox. “Working with Fuel3D, we can now offer a 3D scanning option that will provide our customers with a fast and accurate way of collecting facial data, which can be used to enhance their service offering and customer loyalty.”

Trials will roll-out across retail outlets after the companies demonstrate the technology to key customers at several industry tradeshows this year, including Vision Expo in the USA and SILMO in France.

Virtual try-on systems help optometrists and opticians improve customer experience by reducing customer wait times and helping customers narrow down their choices. They can also expand their offering by providing a larger selection of virtual frames than is possible in a physical retail store. Fuel3D’s unique 3D scanning platform provides the ability to make virtual try-on even more valuable.

“Working with a market leader like FittingBox is yet another example of how applicable our technology is for applications that involve scanning the human form,” said Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel3D. “Augmented reality is revolutionizing many retail experiences and our scanning platform has the ability to change the customer journey in both the eyewear and wider industry sectors.”

This development further increases Fuel3D’s presence in the lucrative eyewear sector, which is projected to reach $165bn by 2022, and comes hot on the heels of an announcement about the company’s own project to develop a 270-degree scanner.

About FittingBox

FittingBox provides interactive solutions and digital content to the eyewear industry. With a strong focus on Research and Innovation, FittingBox is a multi-award winning company. Leader in glasses virtual try-on solutions, FittingBox builds and maintains the world’s largest database of 3D views of frames for virtual try-on solutions. For more information please visit: www.fittingbox.com

About Fuel3D

Fuel3D is a leading 3D capture and imaging business with facilities in the UK and USA. Originally developed in Oxford University, its patented, market-leading technology has a broad range of applications across multiple industry sectors – from laboratory research and eyewear to forensics and healthcare. Fuel3D’s intellectual property allows companies to utilize cost-effective, fast and accurate capture of 3D data (shape and color) to improve existing practices, provide enhanced services to customers and gain advantages in their markets. The company’s 3D scanning technology captures data in under 0.1 seconds and offers a unique ability to acquire highly accurate 3D models of organic subjects. www.fuel-3d.com

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