Freebie Friday: Kodak Lens Patient Video For The Reception Room


As a benefit to independent ECPs, Signet Armorlite has produced a new waiting room video. Independent ECPs can use the video to educate and inform patients on the types of vision correction available in eyewear, as well as lens options.

DVD Cover Only


  •   Helps patients understand the value of their eyewear
  •   Engages patients with a colorful message that informs on vision solutions from KODAK Lens
  •   Educates patients on lens options including sun wear and anti-reflective lens coatings
  •   Presents the KODAK Lens Professional Series product portfolio and its exclusive availability from  Independent ECPs
  •   Video Content:
     KODAK Digital Single Vision Lens  KODAK Progressive Lenses
     KODAK Transitions® Lens
     KODAK Sun Lens
     KODAK SoftWear® Lens
     KODAK No-Glare Lens Coatings


  •   6 minute run time
  •   Plays on a continuous loop
  •   Includes both sound and subtitles
  •   Available online and in DVD format
  •   DVD compatible with all media devices (DVD player, Mac, PC, etc.)
  •   All products featured are part of the KODAK Lens Professional Series– exclusively available from

To access the Kodak Lens video online, please visit library or Order a complementary DVD for your waiting room by visiting us here:

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