Freebie Friday: Eyecare Practice Management Resources


We did a post several years ago on whether you should hire an eyecare consultant. Whether or not you want a consultant, there is a ton of FREE Practice Management tips on the internet, targeted specifically for eyecare professionals. We put together a list of practice management resources (mostly free) from various  sources. This list does not include trade magazines, contact lens suppliers all which are great resources.

Practice Management

  • Optical MVP– I don’t really know what this site is all about, has blogs, has jobs, has a little of everything but it is not updated.
  • Ophthalmology, forum
  • Optom- Walt Mayo blog, with industry updates, trends..
  • EyeDoc News (Ophthalmologist)

Facebook Forums

Vision Therapy Blogs

  • Vision Help 
  • Mainos Memos– Vision Therapy, 3D by Dominick Maino- latest information about children’s vision, vision problems of those with disability (including TBI), strabismus/amblyopia and vision therapy.
  • COVD– College of Vision Development
  • SOVOTO– Website with forum for Vision Therapy.

Buy And Sell Equipment Your local state or city organization probably has this as well.

  • OptiForum– Forum for buying and selling optical equipment, ge.neral discussion, lab technicans and more

Billing And Coding

Eyecare Consultants With Blogs


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