Free Transitions Roundtable Paper On Eye Health of Culturally Diverse Populations


PINELLAS PARK, Fla. 6, 2014 — Considering the strong link between eye health and overall health and quality of life, participants agreed transitionsduring the roundtable that there is a great need for eyecare professionals to collaborate with general health professionals, and health-based community and cultural organizations, to promote eye health education and provide optimal eye care. The corresponding paper overviews:

  • Common overall health issues among diverse populations and implications for eye health
  • Cultural considerations for improving quality of care
  • Collaborative opportunities for improving quality of care and reaching new patients
  • Best practices and strategies from the general health care sector and health-based, community and cultural organizations
  • Resources that can be used to promote eye health education and collaboration

The paper is authored by roundtable participants, who represent multiple points of interaction with at-risk diverse populations.

  • Neyal Ammary-Risch, MPH, MCHES – Director, National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP), National Eye Institute
  • Mila and Jimmy Ferrer – Bloggers and Co-Founders of Familias con Diabetes
  • Margo LaDrew – National Board Member, National Council of Negro Women and Founder, Black Beauty Shop Program
  • Edwin Marshall, OD, MS, MPH – Professor Emeritus of Optometry and Former Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Multicultural Affairs, Indiana University
  • Charlotte Parniawski, RN-BC, MSN, CNE – Nurse Educator, Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing, part of the Yale New Haven Health System
  • Diane Sheehan, APRN, CDE – Nurse Practitioner, Northeast Medical Group, Bridgeport, part of the Yale New Haven Health System
  • Dan Suarez – President, National Association of Hispanic Nurses
  • Vincent Young, MD – Chairman, Division of Ophthalmology, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia

The paper can be downloaded and ordered, free-of-charge, at


Claire Goldsmith MidPage