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You may have heard us mention the Facebook Forum, OD’s on Facebook started by Alan Glazier OD. They have over 2000 participants and cover such a variety of subjects from Human Resources to EMR to employment to eye diseases…

Just a few of the latest ‘Threads”

  • Should OMD’s refract? : Just saw a 6 year old came in wearing +3.00 spheres seeing 20/200 with them..refraction +6.50-6.00 X 19 and +7,00-6.00 x 159 BVA 20/60. Parents brought him in because the glasses weren’t helping and was told to wear them more….
  •  OK… I’m thinking about getting a new EHR. What is everyone using and why? Cost? Ease of use? Learning curve? Equipment Integration? Cloud-Based? etc.
  • Does anyone know where you can purchase some nice “trays” for patients to hold frames in while they are looking? I am trying to find the kind with a liner of some sort. Appreciate any help given!
  • HERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN “EYE EXAM”.-What? Isn’t that what we do every day? Nope. What we do is either wellness examinations or some level of medical visit. Really every visit we do is medical, but until insurers start recognizing refractive codes as medical, we have to make that differentiation.
  • Looking for clinical insights: 55yo WF in OD -450/OS-350; I scope -325-100×090/-300OS. 20VA and no complaints. RTC 1 week and distance vision was “terrible on the right”. Patient refuses to read with OD on VA check, saying it’s all washed out. This time I scope -425/-300. I give her the -400, now OD is 20 but OS is blurry! Loose lens -025 accepted, but even bumped to -325 patient unhappy with OS. What is going on?
  • Do you charge extra for dilation and Do you list it as a separate procedure code when submitting insurance claims?
  • The question was where should newbies learn coding and billing. We have a lot of “experts” out there (a notable one not even allowed to see patients because the state took his license away for sexually assaulting patients), but who do you listen to?
  • By what methods do your business / practices do philanthropy? % of gross donations, free mission work, patient discount programs, or whatever your accountant says gets you the biggest return

To top it off, there is a $1000.00 Cash prize giveaway for making a comment. .

In just 8 short months you have made ODs on facebook the leading group to share content on eye care clinical and practice management information bar none!   Thank you!   In honor of almost reaching our 2000th member, Shaw Lens, “Anisekonia Cured” is sponsoring a drawing, giving away $1000 cash to a lucky winner!

We’re going to try something out-of-the-box for our contest; create a conversation thread 1000 posts long!  We won’t be winning any Guinness World Records (maybe most eye doctors in one thread) but it should be fun and make some news somewhere!

The Contest:  Post a comment* on the 1000 post thread and you are immediately entered in a drawing to win $1000.  The more you post*, the more entries you win.  Other opportunities like getting interviewed for “colleague spotlight” (see “docs” tab), adding members or sharing the contest link on other industry groups, pages other sites on other social media feeds and filling out a survey earn you entries as well, but be sure to adhere to contest rules so your posts count!  See contest rules below:

  • Can’t find the thread? Use the “search” function towards the top right corner of the home page and search the key phrase “$1000 Giveaway” without the quotes
  1. There is no limit to the amount of times you can post as long as it is in the context of the thread conversation*, thus entries you can earn as long as the posts meet the contest requirements above in bold.  Here’s how you gain entries:
  2. Post a comment* on the thread in the context of the conversation and within the contest rules above and get 1 entry.
  3. Post a comment* or question about the Shaw Lens Technology and get 2 entries.  To learn more about the Shaw Lens visit, the solutoin for Aniseikonia
  4. Provide an interview for “Colleague Spotlight” and get 10 entries (see “docs” tab on home page).
  5. Promote the contest on another facebook industry group or page, tell us where providing a link to the page within the 1000 post thread to win 5 entries
  6. Add an industry colleague using the “add members” feature ont he right side of the page and earn 3 entries for every one you add
  7. Fill out this survey for 10 entries (be sure to post that you took the survey on the thread and copy and paste this link or we can’t award credit)
  8. When the thread reaches 1000 comments, entries will be tabulated and a winner announced within a week.  When the 1000th comment is made, the drawing will occur.  The group administrator reserves the right to extend the contest beyond 1000 comments if other sponsors want to join in the fun.   if “X” company wants to provide 500 more dollars, the pot will go up, the drawing will be pushed out until the thread is 1500 comments and the drawing will occur for $1500, upping the ante! Can’t find the thread? Use the “search” function towards the top right corner of the home page and search the key phrase “$1000 Giveaway”

Tip:  Check back regularly too see what turns the conversation has taken and what you can add; the more you add, the more entries you earn*

If you are interested in participating, seeing what it is all about please contact Alan Glazier @ And you don’t have to be an OD to participate, just an eye care professional, whether vendor, optician or blogger.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage