Free Offerings from The Vision Council



Eye Care Professionals: Take Advantage of Free Offerings from The Vision Council

The Vision Council, a nonprofit trade association, is pleased to offer free services and materials for eye care professionals. We are dedicated to improving the eyewear industry and helping eye care professionals educate their communities and grow their practice by offering the following:
Free Patient Magazines and Education Materials: An educated optical patient is the best patient, which is why The Vision Council offers free optical patient education materials. Our marketing materials, available at, include items like recall cards, brochures and posters to help you educate optical patients about the need to receive regular eye exams and how to choose the right eyewear for good vision and overall health. We also offer product-generic consumer supplements and brochures about many topics.

• Free Industry Reports: The Vision Council regularly publishes reports on various eye care and eyewear-related issues. Recent topics include children’s vision care, the cost of vision problems on businesses and the state of vision care coverage.

• Free Doctor Locator: When consumers visit The Vision Council website to learn about eye health, they can connect with doctors in their area and you can be one of those doctors! It is free to register for this program. Visit and follow the instructions to sign up. During registration, you can provide contact information, languages spoken by staff members, practice specialties and a practice description.


• Free Fashion Trends: Learn about the latest and greatest in eyewear and stay on top of the newest trends to educate your patients about the different options in fashionable eyewear. The Vision Council’s eyewear lifestyle source,, offers advice and covers topics like frame fitting, fashion eye-q and celebrity looks.

Whether you want to enhance your career, your practice or your community’s vision health, The Vision Council can help you achieve your goals!

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