Optical Staff Training- Free ABO Study Guide


Laramy K– Free Open Optix ABO Study Guide – Open Courseware, I wanted to see if we could take the concept of open source and apply it to optical knowledge projects. The intent was to encourage people in the optical community to work together in creative ways to improve the industry and ultimately optical care around the world.

Opticians Friend- Great site with tons of links and education and information for optical staff!

VEW Mid-Page 19


  1. I am looking for an optical training manual for new hires. Please let me know how i can get the totally optical training manual. Thank you

  2. I really want to take the Advanced ABO exam and don’t want to spend $250 for the tutorial to prep for the exam. Does anyone have the old book?( Was available about 4yrs ago @ $95)Or other suggestions?

  3. I want to take online classes to obtain my opticians license in VA. I have worked in an optical lab for over 10 years, but I understand that to obtain license in Va, I have to attend J. Sargeant Reynolds to be eligible. Is this true

  4. I am adam .I am Egyptian American .I am living in charlotte, NC .optical business is all my life,the business I love and all my experience. Optical business is my family business in my home country.i have experience in wholesale, retail, placing orders, following order’s quality control, following shipping, control wearhouse and some of lab works.
    Since I moved to america, I am looking for job in my optical career .I like wholesale feild .if any one can help me or direct me,please send me email or contact me by whatsapp 980-250-0445

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