For Sale- Complete Lane of Optical Equipment


I have a complete lane of optical equipment for sale

  • Chair
  • stand
  • phoropter -cyl
  • keratometer
  • slit lamp
  • hand tools
  • projector
  • mirrors

all for only $7000

Please contact me asap, I am in Chicago

Thank you

Annette Sollars

Owner Eye Want Inc.


Hours M-F 12-7

S 12-5

Aspire MidPage June 19


  1. hello! im from the philippines. are these instruments still available? Im interested in all except the slit lamp.. I already bought a brand new one..

  2. This equipment is floating on The Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic in Africa with cardiologist and founder of the Medical ship. She purchased the whole lane in 2009 just after this was posted. Surprised to see it still here. Thank you to the many who inquired.

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