Fonts Matter!


We all like a good laugh. A number of the pictures below are the sort that we send each other on Facebook or in emails and laugh at. What if others are laughing at you though? It can happen pretty easily. In an attempt to save a dollar, businesses often try to be creative on their own. Some wonderful ideas and creativity are most certainly embedded within most companies. The issue here is execution.

Branding is key here. How you present yourself and your company says a lot about who you are and who you want to do business with. Everything you do with your brand tells a story about your brand.

That is why big companies are so protective of their brands. We have all heard about or read about companies suing others over possible infringements over their branding. One such example in our own industry was recently put into action by VSP suing ECPs using the name Eyeconic or Iconic as part of their own branding for trademark violations.

How we present our business often starts and end with our logo and the fonts we use to build our brand and our logo.

Here, for example, are eight logos for the same business. Note how even with the same symbol, the font we use dramatically changes how you feel about the business. What does each variation say to you as you were to look at an ad, a flyer, a business card, or the business sign as you drive by?

At the same time, even the smallest things we do in an ad, a flyer, or even a door sign can ruin everything we are trying to accomplish, all because of a font. Having a choice of thousands of fonts is wonderfully fun. How you use them requires a second or even third look.

If you or your staff love creating signs and promotions make sure you get a second set of eyes on what you print or intend on running. You want people to buy from you, not laugh at you. The font you use matters.




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