Floating Eyeglass Retainers


It’s summertime with lots of outdoor actitivies, including wakeboarding, jet sking, windsurfing, parasailing, swimming, diving, boating, fishing, kayaking. As we all know, wearing protective sunglasses is even more crucial on the water. I don’t know about you, but I have lost at least one pair of sunglasses in the ocean. How many of your patients tell you they don’t want to buy expensive sunglasses, because they just lose them>

Photo: gillmarine.com

Water Sport Market

  • 2008- over $1.1 Billion (that’s bigger than the optical market)
  • The average person spends $2883 per year on recreation
  • A third of all Americans visit coastal areas each year, making a total of 910 million trips while spending about $44 billion. The average American spends 10 recreational days on the coast each year. 94 million people boat and fish annually.
  • Almost all Americans participate in water-based recreation and tourism and spend about 10 percent of their income on recreational activities

Based upon the above marketing stats, we think that when you are lifestyle dispensing and find out your patients hobbies and sports involve water- offer to give them a free floating eyeglass retainer with their pair of polarized lenses!  This will help you sell that 2nd or even 3rd pair of performance sunglasses.

Floating Eyeglass retainers are available from Croakies and many of your optical accessory suppliers.

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