Five Up-Cycled Eyewear Displays


Using Upcycled materials in eyewear displays is becoming quite common. I don’t know about you, but whenever I see someone who creates eye-catching stuff from trash is someone I admire. Someone who can visualize the possibilities of things we normally throw away or stick in the recycling bin.

We came up with Five Found Objects that can easily be made into eyewear and accessories displays.

Tires are very common and free. Just ask your local tire dealer, go to one of the many illegal dump sites in your area. Zentro Optikoa has a huge window that rolls with recycled tires and artfully draped sunglasses.

Image Credit Unknown

Cardboard and newspapers scream ‘New’. The paper can be easily changed and reglued using book pages, comic books and more.

Optica Castro via Yolatta Escaparates

For those crafty people, we love the reuse of large plastic bottles to make faces with eyewear.

Reclaimed wood and hangers set apart the made in USA State Eyewear collection.

Image: Urban Revolutions: Eyeglassery in Michigian

Who would have thought that egg cartons could have been so pretty. Most egg cartons are made from recycled paper and very easy to recycle. Painted and re-made into hanging sculptures, make this display not only unusual but eye catching.

Egg Cartons Display: Image credit unknown 
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