Five Points of Selling High-End Eyewear by Optylux


National averages show that 31% of optical retail income is derived from frame sales. Selling high-end frames is key to yielding maximum profits and at the same time, providing optical consumers with the best product you can. Optylux is in the high end eyewear business and have some great tips. Here are “Five Points of Selling High-End Eyewear by Optylux”


1. Be the Expert and Educate

  • Take charge
  • They are looking for guidelines
  • Invite them in your “Home”
  • Show and make recommendations
  • Your vocabulary is critical
  • Explain how you will fit their frame and lenses correctly, no “cheek touching’ or non-centered pupils
  • Ask questions about their lifestyle: Do they use a computer? – Do they spend time around a glaring ocean or lake? – Does the sun bother them while they are golfing? – Are they interested in a progressive lens?

2. Show Color and Talk Lifestyle:

  • What style frames will reflect their personality?
  • What style and color of frames will complement their wardrobe?
  • What style frames will fit into their lifestyle?
  • Multiple frames for different occasions
  • Add ons: clips, AR coating, high index lenses for example
  • Perform group demonstrations or makeovers

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3. Show the Best First

  • Don’t prejudge – Everyone is a potential buyer
  • They often buy the first frame that you show
  • It’s flattering to show the best frame first
  • Start high and let customers seek their own level

4. Know How to Deal with Price Resistance

  • Recognize that it is natural and be prepared your attitude is crucial
  • Frames are affordable- they are not a $90,000 Mercedes!
  • Is price their only objection?
  • Speak with confidence and explain the benefits of high-end
  • Tell them you would rather explain the investment once rather than apologize for a poor quality frame forever
  • Do the math: Divide the frame total by 730 (# of days in 2 years). If they wear the frame everyday for 2 years, isn’t it worth it? Or do the same math with the price difference between the cheap frame they are willing to settle for and the high-end frame they really want.

5. Wear it Yourself

  • You can’t sell silk when you are wearing polyester, it’s a credibility issue
  • If it looks good on you, they will buy it for themselves

Source: Five Points of Selling High-End Eyewear by Optylux

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