Five #FF (Trivia) About Harry Potters Eyeglasses


Did you know that Harry Potter’s Birthday is May 2? May 2 is also J.K. Rowlings Birthday. In honor of Harry Potter we bring to you a few bits of Harry Potter Eyewear Trivia

Eye Bogglers:

  • Spellotape was used to hold Harry Potters Glasses together.
  • William Luff designed Harry Potter’s eyeglasses in the films.
  • Harry Potter was giving glasses because J. K. Rowling stated ‘the reason she gave Harry glasses was that she wore them herself as a child and was fed up with reading books in which the bespectacled character was the “brainy one.” She said she wished to read about a hero who wore glasses’
  • Harry Potter broke 7 pair of glasses during the filming
  • Several spells can mend broken glasses. Hermione Granger used the Occulus Reparo spell to mend Harry Potter’s glasses when they first met on the Hogwarts Express in 1991. Arthur Weasley probably used a nonverbal version of this spell to fix Harry’s glasses in 1992.
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