Fireworks Pose Danger to Eyes



With the 4th of July coming up- it’s important to remind your patient about Fireworks and injuries, in particular eye injuries.  According to Dr. Marty Schneider, therapeutic optometrist, about 6,400 Americans are treated annually for fireworksrelated injuries during the Fourth of July holiday period. Of those, almost 1,300 are treated for injuries to the eye.

“Last year we treated two corneal abrasions caused by sparklers on the Fourth of July,” Schneider said.

The sparklers emit fine particles of ash that can get lodged underneath the upper eyelid. If this happens, an eye care professional should be called immediately.

“Every year, as many as 400 Americans lose sight in one or both eyes due to fireworks,” Schneider said. “We strongly encourage people to attend only authorized public fireworks display conducted by licensed operators.”

Schneider also had these facts about fireworksrelated eye injuries:

•Children under 16 account for 60 percent of fireworksrelated eye injuries.

•Almost half of fireworks injuries happen to bystanders.

•The fireworks that cause the most injuries are bottle rockets, firecrackers and sparklers.

Schneider owns and practices at Camarillo Vision Center, an optometric practice at 2460 E. Las Posas Road, Ste. B, Camarillo. Reach him at (805) 9872400.


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