Fast Grind Launches New Lens Material At VEE 2016


FastGrind is set to debut a brand new lens material at Vision Expo East in April. VisionAir 1.56 index is used exclusively with FastGrind’s new ADDvantage HD Plus Digital Progressive and Single Vision lenses. VisionAir 1.56 provides eye care professionals the ability to offer their patients amazing clarity with thinner, lighter lenses, while also saving money with FastGrind.

FastGrind VisionAir

FastGrind, made by Super Optical International, has been servicing ECP’s for over 25 years and has now found a home in over 50 countries. FastGrind is the “all-in-one” lens surfacing system created with independent practices in mind. It functions on software that is continuously upgraded to accommodate the newest and best lenses and materials to ensure your investment will continue to provide unparallel profits.

VisionAir 1.56 allows practices to accommodate a wider prescription range without the concern for thick, bulky lenses or limited frame options. Single Vision lenses can be surfaced to a

-10.00 and up to a +9.00 prescription with ease. VisionAir is also available in a new photochromic, Conversion, made exclusively by FastGrind. FastGrind’s Conversion technology rivals the #1 selling brand at a fraction of the cost.

As technology changes, FastGrind continues to find the latest and greatest lenses and materials to offer their users. FastGrind’s time proven technology is approved by the U.S. Military and EyeMed as an “in-office” lab, and has also been voted the best Surfacing solution by eye care professionals throughout the industry. Visit FastGrind at Vision Expo East, Booth #LP7558, to experience VisionAir for yourself.

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