Facial Recognition For Eyecare Professionals


I have to tell you Facial Recognition is a mixed bag. On one hand, the ability to pick out people via facial recognition software is good if looking for criminals, but bad if you want any type of privacy.

As we have seen over the years, quite a few online eyewear companies utilize ‘online Try-On technology including Ditto and Automeyes. There are quite a few apps that one can use to Try On Eyewear. The technology is ever evolving and new players are entering the eyecare arena hence Active Link.

New company Active Link uses facial-recognition to recommend appropriate eyewear, based on the patients physical characteristic, before exams. The software then modifies recommendations based on the patients personal preferences (likes and dislikes). ActiveLink Optical is a innovative technology that uses email marketing and facial recognition to engage the patient in ‘trying on’ new frames. The program improves doctor/patient relationships while increasing revenue.

According to Active Link: In a control group, Eye Care Providers increased eyewear sales by 9.6% to a test group in a 13-month trial of ActiveLink Optical. The providers also saw higher contact lens sales and professional fees from the group of patients who were included in the trial vs. a control group within the same practice.*

Dr. John Wimbish, OD said, “We were pleased to be part of the trial for ActiveLink Optical because we feel like it will set our practice apart and keep us competitive. Of course we were also glad to see an increase in revenues and the ability to educated patients about new lens technologies before they came in for their annual exam.”

How ActiveLink Works

ActiveLink Optical requires almost no action from eye care professionals. With facial-recognition software, ActiveLink matches a patient’s face to the perfect frames and sends personalized frame suggestions from the practice straight to the patient’s inbox. Patients start thinking about glasses before their exam while keeping the practice top of mind through consistent, relevant communications.

How ActiveLink is Different from other Marketing Solutions

ActiveLink supports the eye care professional/patient relationship because all communications are from the ECP and sales generate revenue for the ECP. In addition, the software is intuitive, making eyewear recommendations based on facial shape and characteristics, and adjusting those recommendations based on patient feedback. Eye care professionals receive a lead report and analytics from ActiveLink to identify patients who are interested in new frames and provide information on frame preference trends.

*The Beta test happened January 2016 through the end of January 2017, and included a practice with 6,041 patients that qualified for the program. Two-thirds (4,022) were randomly assigned to the test group, and received a total of 15 communications from ActiveLink during the 13-month trial. The remaining control group (2,019 people) did not receive any communication and had no knowledge of the program. Both groups received standard practice communications, such as appointment reminders.

About ActiveLink Optical:

ActiveLink is a tool for independent eye care professionals that strengthens patient relationships and provides revenue opportunity. The proprietary software sends email communications to patients from the eye care provider to recommend frames and lenses based on the patient’s physical attributes and likes/dislikes. ActiveLink’s support for ECPs includes managing the program, notifying the ECP when patients respond to emails, providing analytics to manage frame walls, and positioning their independent practice as leading-edge providers of eye care services.

For more information:

For more information and a demo, visit www.activelinkoptical.com.


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