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I saw these fabulous gold flash sunglasses on Tommy’s Ton’s Style.com blog just after I received an email from Michael Bellomo of Opticote about sun and mirror coating trends which says to me he is  right on target with this trend report. We asked some of frame sponsors to let him to demonstrate these sun and mirror coats in the newer aviator and zyl styles.

Gold Flash sunglasses - Tommy Ton Style.com

Guest Post by Michael Bellomo of Opticote on Sun and Mirror Coating Trends

Lulu Guinness L485 with Flash Silver added

Recently on a sunny day here in Chicago (yes we do have many sunny days here in the Windy City), I was standing on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Chicago Avenue, just across the street from Water Tower Place. For those of you who have never visited our city, this corner is extremely busy with foot traffic. People from all walks of life were emerging from office buildings and retail stores on their way to hotels, restaurants or just taking a walk on this beautiful day. What had my attention was the sunwear people were wearing.

BCBGSF Atlas with Gradient Gold

As I gazed upon the people walking past me, I observed a kaleidoscope of frame styles, frame colors, lens colorations, and mirror treatments. I attempted to mentally catalog what I was witnessing but all that I retained at the moment was a headache from what the array of what I saw.

LBI PZ_008 Polarized Aviator with Solid Gold added

Having had some time to reflect, let me share with you my observations. As demonstrated by the masses wearing sunwear, the public must be getting the message that sunwear is important to one’s health and it makes a fashion statement. That is great news! Not many “accessories” can make that claim!

So, what is happening in sunwear? Frames styles vary from person to person however aviator style, wraps and oversized frames appear to be very popular. Zyl colored frames are another category growing in popularity. Lens colorations of gray or brown are equal in popularity. I am delighted to observe that mirror coatings are being embraced by all ages and attitudes whether wearing plano or Rx.

ECO 101 Foam with Polarized Lenses and Solid Silver Gradient added

Dominant mirror colors out there are red, blue, solid silver, flash silver and gold. Gradient mirrors with women are a hot fashion statement and, I must admit, turned my head. A very dark gradient tint with a flash silver gradient is a look that catches everyone’s attention. A solid gold gradient appears popular on the aviator style.

Trussardi TR12818 with Flash Blue added

If there is a message to my experience, it is this; get out of the store and take a walk in the city, town, or community where you are and notice the sunwear that people are wearing. As a result, you will be in a position to recommend to your customer sunwear styles that are fun and functional. Additionally, with your knowledge of options, you will be able to create an individual look that is unique to each customer’s lifestyle. What better compliment can you think of then when someone complements your customer on their sunwear and the name of your store is quoted as the source of their purchase. That is type of marketing that you can’t buy.

Featured frames by Charmant Trussardi, ClearVision Optical BCBG, LBI Polarized, Modo ECO and  Tura Lulu Guinness.

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