Eyewear Trends 2013 – Prints and Jewel Colors


These are some images from style.com’s Tommy Ton blog showing street style at the recent Paris fashion shows. We are seeing a lot of print, jewels and color which is an indication of trends arriving in the USA next year.  Notice that prints, jewels and color are all mixed in together.

We selected just a few complimentary eyewear styles for ideas so you can be ready to take advantage and have some colorful frames and lens tint suggestions on hand for your fashion conscious optical customers.

Fashion Images Courtesy Tommy Ton. Top right Sophia Loren M236. Bottom right Ed Hardy Big Dragon.

The lenses are as important as the frames. Like  our “go to expert on lens tints, AR and mirror coats”, Michael Bellamo  of Opticote says: “With 48 mirror coatings and the number of available tinted or color molded lenses today you would have over 500+ color combinations. Spring fashions from Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, New York or LA in jewel tone, pastels on monochromatic colorations there is a mirror color and a lens color that creates the perfect fashion harmony. The color intensity of the lens determines how the mirror will appear on the front of the lens. Example is flash silver mirror on a gray 80 lens vs gray 30. The mirror coating on the gray 30 has a very grayish cast while on the gray 80 appears very shiny and almost black. While if you apply the same mirror on a light yellow or purple or pink lens each lens color creates a totally different look. This holds true for every color mirror even if it a solid color or flash mirror.”

Image Courtesy Tommy Ton. Top right OGI 3114. Bottom right Sophia Loren M238
Image courtesy Tommy Ton. Mirror Coats Colors iCoat

Michael adds, “The following mirrors are a strong representation in the “jewel” tones. Solid Blue, Silver and Gold. Other color candidates are Caliente, Citrus, Limon and Morado. Vibrant Green and Vibrant Purple should also be included in this range.Presenting mirrors and the following discussion with the customer are based two factors. Understanding the customers fashion preference or lifestyle. This applies equally to women and men. Possibilities are endless and are only limited by the imagination between two people.”

More information on the frames shown above as follows:

  1. Zyloware Sophia LorenM236 is a full rim metal frame in a modified oval shape. The metal end piece features rows of sparkling crystals and the metal temple has a lasered floral design. Handcrafted zyl temple tips, snap-in nose pads and spring hinges offer comfort and the M236 accommodates progressive lenses. Colors:  rose and brown.
  2. Revolution Eyewear  – Ed Hardy Big Dragon.
  3. OGI Eyewear’s 3114 – Designed with a hint of color, shades such as blue/brown streak and purple/brown streak bring a blush of color to the 3114.
  4. Sophia Loren M238 (January 2013 release) is a full rim metal frame in a petite, modified oval shape. The cast metal end piece features intricate cutouts and a splash of sparkling stones. The glittering stones continue on the handcrafted zyl temple. Spring hinges and snap-in nose pads provide comfort and ease of adjustment. The M238 easily accommodates progressive lenses. Colors: brown and mauve


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