Eyewear Sample Bags For Sale


Optylux Group has about 100 old Neostyle Eyewear Sample bags with trays they would love to get rid of . These can be great for many reasons:

1.) Place overstock and special items in

2.) Travel or mobile eyecare programs

3.) Give to Patients to hold personal frames

Optylux would like to move these soon and are asking $30-$50 a bag for.

For More information contact:

Optylux Group Inc
Flair,Ete, Triton  distributor
760-305-1127 direct
888-330-4636  ext 1127 toll free
800-531-7244 fax

Claire Goldsmith MidPage


  1. Hi, I am interested in your eyewear sample bags with trays. You may email me pictures if you happen to have any and give me the shipping price of 1 to Charleston, SC 29466. If you have many bags choice, let me know which number to call and the best time. Thanks.
    Philippe T.

  2. Hello,I am an opt iCal wholesaler in Australia looking for opt iCal sample bag that holds 180-200 pieces. Do you have any?

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