Eyewear Past And Present: Comb Shades


Different eyeglass temple construction have been going on for hundreds of year. Found this photo for a temple design for up-swept hair.

From the Chicago Tribune -Joan Ringler modeled eye glasses with comb-like temple grips at a convention of the Illinois Optometric Association in February 1948. The designer claims the grips “meet up-swept hair-do needs.”

Photo: Chicago Tribune

I wondered what these temples were all about

Way before Lady Gaga and Chanel- Husm El Odeh has a more realistic version of Comb Eyewear

The comb glasses from the first issue of AnOther Man

Comb frames as seem above are really not new, but Chanel did come out with their own version worn by the likes of Lady Gaga

Chanel Comb Eyewear

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