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We have been blogging about Technology eyewear for the last couple of years. Bluetooth, video eyewear are mainstream today. 3D Eyewear is definitely a hot topic, but other types of Tech Glasses are still waiting to be developed and are currently on the market. We put together a quick list of current and future eyewear developments.  First we have emPower! Electronic Autofocusing Lenses by Pixel Optics. Launched in 2011.


These glasses have tiny batteries, microchips and assorted electronics to turn reading power on when you need it and off when you don’t.

Babel  is know as the Visual Hearing Aid. Tow microphones capture speech and translates into text. The text is projected onto both lenses.


Babel By Mads Hindhede - www.mshdesign.dk

The Adlens by Adaptive Eyewear injects water into lenses to create adjustable magnification. This could be a financially feasible way to bring sight to developing countries. James Chen Co-Founder and Joshua Silver of Oxford University.


Saatchi & Saatchi has named adaptive eyeglasses a "World Changing Idea." Adspecs are featured on the cover of their book, World Changing Ideas.

Bionic Glasses For Poor Vision- These Bionic glasses were introduced at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. The Bionic eyewear was developed for those with poor vision to give them greater independence.


We want to be able to enhance vision in those who’ve lost it or who have little left or almost none,’ explains Dr Stephen Hicks of the Department of Clinical Neurology at Oxford University

Superfocus lenses developed by Dr. Stephen Kurtin. Super Focus provides perfect focus at all distances. (Formerly known as Trufocals) Adjustable focus eyeglasses,


Super Focus

Of course 3D

iCoat’s Sfirex 3D launched in 2011 – 3D eyewear available exclusively from iCoat. Sfirex™ incorporates high quality circular polarized thermally formed lenses with iCoat’s proprietary DHC and MT3 maximum transmission technologies

3D Eyewear by icoat

And OverRX 3D by Cocoons -The circular polarized lenses that will be featured in Cocoons 3D are compatible for use  with  theater  viewing,  passive  3D  televisions,  laptops  and  computer  monitors.  Because  the lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, Cocoons 3D also provide maximum protection when worn  outdoors  as  conventional  sunglasses“.

3D Eyewear from Live Eyewear

Apple iGlasses- Apple was granted a patent on iGlasses in 2008. A-display screen onto any flat surface with the touch of a button. It comes loaded with the standard features: quatro-band HSDPA, 1080n WiFi, GPS, microphone, 3DHD video camera, and facetime calling, with manual-activation accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. Google apps & Facebook apps are supported.

But the most remarkable innovation in the iGlasses are the lenses. Made from a silicate plasma, the lenses can be adjusted to hold nearly any concave or convex form, and extend to become thicker or thinner. Yes, Apple has now entered the optometry industry.

facebook page

Interactive Data Eyewear– New data eyeglasses can read from the engineer’s eyes which details he needs to see on the building plans. A CMOS chip with an eye tracker in the microdisplay makes this possible. The eyeglasses are connected to a PDA, display information and respond to commands.

Solar Powered Sunglasses– Not in production yet. Designed by Hyun-joong Kim and Kwang Seok Jeong in 2009 ‘Self Energy Converting Sunglasses’ have solar cells built into the lenses. Use nano technology (being developed in Oregon) to convert sun energy. Yanko Design


Solar Powered Sunglasses To Power Your equipment.


Zioneyez has launched eyewear that syncs with social media. ZionEyez (www.zioneyez.com)  Eyez™ embeds a 720p HD video camera within a pair of eyeglasses designed to record live video data and take pictures. The recorded data can be stored on the 8GB of flash memory within the Eyez™ glasses, transferred via Bluetooth or Micro USB to a computer, or wirelessly transferred to most iPhone or Android devices. After a one-time download of the “Eyez™” smartphone and tablet app, users can wirelessly broadcast the video in real time to their preferred social networking website.


Taking pre-orders

Augmented Reality Eyewear


Vuzix Augmented Reality 1200 Glasses- Photo; Gizmodo.com

Camera Eyewear

Video And Movie Eyewear

  • Video Glasses by Immortal
  • ITG Entertainment Eyewear -Wearable technology for the eyes is the  ITG-Vidix Goggles. It comes with a 50″ Portable Wide Screen Video and Media Viewer. 2 Gigs Built-in Memory, Expandable up to 34 gigs via MicroSD Slot. Wireless Operation! Can also connect to external devices with A/V output
  • Video Eyewear – Novero Madison
  • Spy Cam Eyewear
  • Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Eyewear– These glasses place videos from portable players directly in front of your eyes, using Carl Zeiss optics.
  • Google Cam by Liquid -Off Road or Ski goggles are becoming increasingly more techno. The latest by Liquid Image is a Goggle Cam that will record your adventures and misadventures if that is the case
  • Hands Free Video Eyewear Hunter’s Specialties® has acquired the exclusive rights to i-KAM XTREME™ (Patent Pending) video eyewear. i-KAM XTREME incorporates an advanced mobile video recorder into a lightweight pair of glasses.

USB Port – BlueTooth Eyewear

GPS Eyewear

  • GPS Googles by Recon- hi-tech snow goggles by Recon Instruments allow wearers to pinpoint their location with a GPS gyroscope, get a speed reading, check their text messages, come equipped with an altimeter, stopwatch and temperature and pressure sensors. Zeal Optics offers these as well.
  • GPS Eyewear– The Nakajima Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan has developed a prototype pair of GPS-enabled glasses that use LED lights built into the frame to keep you moving in the right direction.
  • iShades- iShades 5G. With fast 5G wireless technology, 3D GPS mapping, support for personal DVD/HDTV, Google Virtual Earth 3D, and instant communication anywhere in actual or virtual space, iShades 5G puts an RGB-layered holographic optical element at your fingertips. It provides completely clear see-through operation for applications that require data reference while you keep your hands on the job. iShades 5G. Chic and wraparound, they define what a wearable heads-up display can do.

Communication Eyewear

  • Eyes That Speak
  • Smart Eyewear That Translates Languages –  Resembling glasses but lacking lenses, the headset uses a tiny projector to display images on a user’s retina. NEC said it planned a version that used real-time translation to provide subtitles for a conversation between people lacking a common language.
  • EyeTracking by Sony– The device, which was prototyped in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, was designed for lifelogging. The device measures human eye movement. And, by associating it with the lifelog data collected by the camera embedded in the device, the user’s objects of interest can be determined.
  • Eyewear that Track Emotions
  • Tobii Eye Tracking- Tobii Glasses™ a revolutionary, cost-effective eye tracking system. Tobii Glasses will help researchers in commercial, scientific, and government organisations to gain greater levels of insight into the preferences, reactions and personal experiences of people in a natural environment
  • Eyewear That lets ALS Write with Their Eyes
  • Brain Hacking Eyewear – Researchers have developed technology that makes it possible to use thoughts to operate a computer, maneuver a wheelchair or even use Twitter — all without lifting a finger. But as neural devices become more complicated, and go wireless, some scientists say the risks of “brain hacking” should be taken seriously.

Health Eyewear

  • Jet Lag Eyewear- Resets The body Clock -Australian Reseachers from Flinders University had designed LED light glasses to overcome our biological clocks and in dealing with such issues as jet-lag, insomnia and graveyard shifts.
  • Wearable Retinal Imaging Eyewear – Brother Industries, Ltd. (president: Toshikazu Koike) has been actively developing technologies for retinal imaging display (RID) to commercialize it in fiscal year 2010. Brother has announced that it succeeded in downsizing power source box used for the RID, and developed the prototype of a mobile RID. RID is an image projection technology that focuses light, of an intensity harmless to the eyes, onto the retina and then moves the light at high speed to create afterimages. Images projected onto the retina appear as if they existed in front of the user.
  • Fixing Long And Short Eyes– leksander Mukovelov , Ukrainian designer of the OAED sunglasses (Optical Accommodation Exercise Device) reputedly to fix shortsightedness, long-sightedness and cross eyes. He uses a technique call sight swinging, which different diopters are placed all over the lenses so the eyes are constantly changing.
  • Concentration Eyewear -An eyeglasses frame that can increase your power of concentration, can ease and even cure chronic splenitis, alleviate dry eye symptoms, and relieve eyestrain, simply by wearing it.
  • Oxygen Therapy Eyeglasses – eyewear that carries oxygen through the temples and bridge to the nose
  • Make You Wink Eyeglasses – Masunaga Optical Manufacturing, the Wink Glasses. The Wink Glasses are for those people staring at a computer screen all day and forgetting to blink.   A sensor attached to the lenses detects blinking movements: if it doesn’t log any  blinking activity for five minutes,
  • Varibel Hearing Aid Eyewear – Varibel hearing aid eyeglasses. The manufacturers would take issue with calling it a hearing aid, however, as regular in-ear models pick up conversations as well as ambient noise, while the four mics on each arm of Varibel’s glasses supposedly separate the two types of sound, enhancing the former while dampening the latter. Developed by the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands
  • Eyewear To Keep You Awake – MyDo Bururu fromJapan’s Vision Optics. Apparently they vibrate as your head starts to nod off, thus hopefully keeping you awake. I can see this for driving, studying and other late night situations and work (graveyard shifts) where alertness is part of your responsibilities.
  • Gaming Eyewear; Gunnar Optiks and Computer-Eyed
  • Dynamic Eye Sunglasses- Chris Mullin, designed a pair of smart electronic sunglasses that  reduce glare using a moving liquid crystal display spot inside the lens. Called “Dynamic Eye“, the sunglasses dim direct sunlight or other hot spots without dimming everything else in view, so you no longer have to worry about driving home with the sun streaming directly into your line of vision
Dynamic eyewear


Listen to a Video of ‘Seeing The Future of AR Through Digital Eyewear

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